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How to adjust the technical difficulties of the roller of the window patching machine and the waste removal and removal—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Adjust the circumferential position of the plate roller of the window applier. Install the offset plate on the plate roller. The ink from the printing table can be applied to the rubber strip, and the window applier machine can be activated. The paper products are pushed to the Glue the orientation, and then roll the plate roller to print the ink on the window of the paper product.

According to the relative position of the window to be pasted on the paper and the layout, loosen the set screw on the inner plate roller of the operating surface wallboard, and adjust the circumferential direction of the rolling plate cylinder to achieve the alignment of the glue strip on the glue plate. Paste the film in the front and back direction, and then tighten the screws.
If the print on the window of the sticker and the window to be pasted on the cardboard have a relative positional difference, just adjust the paper feeding positioning side plate and paper feeding positioning appropriately, and the plate roller can also be adjusted finely.

The film application of the automatic window sticking machine is carried out in four steps: film feeding, film cutting, film transfer and film sticking. The whole roll of film that has been opened according to the width of the window on the jammed paper beforehand is loaded on the material rack equipment at the end of the main machine. The film length is usually 30 mm longer than the window length, and the film roll width of the high-speed window patcher is 25-30 mm wider than the window.

According to the length of the window required to stick the film on the paper product, the film is continuously transported through a pair of film feeding rollers and a power roller through a pair of film feeding rollers and a power roller, and then enters the film roller, and is cut by the film cutting roller of the blade. In the cutting process, the film is sucked and transferred by the film transfer roller. When it is accurately opposed to the window of the paper product, the film roll is changed from suction to air due to the effect of the air valve, and passes through the film transfer roller. Adsorbed and transferred to the lamination roller.

The technical difficulty of the automatic window patching machine is the automatic removal of various waste products, and different methods need to be selected for different commodities. Now, the method for removing the waste material of the automatic window patching machine is described in detail:

1. Hardware mold waste removal: The hardware mold is installed on the automatic window sticking machine, and the hardware mold is used to directly remove the waste. The waste is actively collected through the blanking inside the body.

(1) The automatic window sticking machine mold mesh type or film type (relatively thin and strong) need to be cautious. If the gap between the punching needle and the hole of the metal mold is too large, the product will show the appearance of wool and burrs.

(2) Adhesive phenomenon will occur in the punching needles on plastic products, and the release agent needs to be used during processing, but whether the release agent pollutes the product needs to be clarified in advance.
2. Sculpture mold waste discharge: use the hollowed channel of the sculpture mold to discharge waste. The carving knife mold is equipped with a waste discharge port, and the end of the waste discharge port has a certain taper. The waste material will be kneaded at the taper of the waste discharge port of the knife mold. When continuous die cutting, the waste material will be squeezed up along the waste discharge port of the knife mold layer by layer. Because the margin of the waste material is glued, the waste material will be kneaded into The columnar shape is discharged to the outside of the machine body, which in turn provides conditions for the continuous punching of such products.

When using the engraving mold to discharge waste, the mold equipment is placed on the upper mold base or the lower mold base. After the lower mold base is installed, the waste discharge channel of the machine body can be used to discharge waste directly. When the mold is installed on the upper mold base, the Set the waste discharge channel, when installing the mold, use the carved mold to discharge waste only suitable for products with plastic products and the scrap area to be removed is not large.

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