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The development trend of window sticking machine technology and what details should be paid attention to—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The technical development trend of automatic window sticking machine equipment must first be reflected in high productivity, automation, single-machine multi-functional combination, multi-functional combined production line, in new technology, different functions, power matching several machines can be successfully formed, and the use is relatively complete. The production line of the company uses new technologies related to the selection of automatic window patching machines. In the packaging method, inflatable packaging is often used instead of vacuum packaging, and the inflatable components, packaging materials and the inflatable packaging machine are precisely linked to the three automatic window patching machines.

The operation of the automatic window patching machine has increased the use of computer technology and microelectronics technology, and the use of heat pipe and cold sealing skills. In addition, as the packaging shifts from a single skill to processing, the packaging skills should be extended to the processing category. Development of integrated packaging equipment.
For example, the error of photoelectric positioning is much smaller than that of mechanical positioning. The effect of microwave on dryers is better than that of electric heating and drying. Although mechatronics technology has not been applied to packaging machinery for a long time, its effect is significant. In the design of automatic window sticking machines At the same time, we focus on improving the degree of automation of the automatic window sticking machine, and link the development of packaging machinery with the computer to complete the mechatronics control.

In our country, the development of packaging machinery is relatively late and is currently in the initial stage of application. However, due to the user's technical level and various environmental factors, the demand for window sticking machines in the packaging industry is like a "pyramid." High-end, sophisticated, and cutting-edge equipment is the spire, and more sophisticated equipment is required. The smaller the demand for high-end equipment. The demand for medium and low-end equipment is like the bottom of the "pyramid". Increase.

There are many types of window patching machines, so they can meet the production needs of the paper industry or the paper industry to the greatest extent. One of the most popular is the automatic window patching machine, which does not require too much manual operation due to its large amount of computer control. The utility model is composed of two parts: a paper feeder and a paper press. The paper feed part has two side-by-side wind heads and a center positioning system. The positioning system is mainly composed of positioning guide blocks and components with lifting functions.

There are two types of automatic window sticking machines: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Different types of window sticking machines have completely different structures, functions, and prices. What kind of window sticking machine to choose mainly depends on the structure and performance of the factory's products. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery reasonably arranges suitable equipment, which is good for improving the power and quality of window sticking. What details should be paid attention to when the window patcher is working?
In normal times, due to the inaccurate description of each group of parts when printing on the face paper, the paper on the face paper appears torn. When using a fully automatic window sticking machine. In the paper feeding process, the tissue paper is simply skewed or folded. After being pasted, the tissue paper and the corrugated cardboard will be misaligned. When this happens, we must adjust the equipment to prevent the tissue from tearing and pulling.

Assuming that the moisture content of the tissue is inappropriate or it is not neatly stacked, it is also very simple to roll up the curled edges. The cardboard inserted in this way will also make the facial paper obviously protrude from the corrugated cardboard. When die-cutting, the protruding facial paper simply bends and the former rules are not correct, and the semi-waste products produced by die-cutting will also have errors. This requires us to control the moisture content of the paper surface to prevent the high moisture content from reducing the stiffness of the cardboard.

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