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What causes the failure of the window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

In the process of using the window sticking machine, we often encounter the situation of the paper laminating machine leaking, if we encounter the window sticking machine leaking, how should we deal with it.

First of all, the first factor is that we use too much glue in the production of window sticking machines. Too much glue will cause the corrugation to be glued. The adhesion between the tissue and the corrugation will be a lot of water absorption and dry again. In the future, the corrugated cardboard will be dry Simple leakage. The best way to deal with this is to strictly control the quality of the glue and the amount of glue applied. Only in this way can the automatic window sticking machine effectively reduce or reduce the leakage.
Second, when we operate the window patching machine, the upper and lower gaps of the gluing system are not high enough, which will cause the corrugated cardboard to be flattened, so that the glue coats the glue on both sides of the corrugated cardboard, which is easy to cause corrugated cardboard. The leakage phenomenon. The best treatment method is: before gluing, the interval between the rubber rollers should be strictly adjusted and locked according to the height of the corrugated cardboard, so as to ensure that the corrugated cardboard will not leak in the future.

The last factor is the incorrect opening of the facial paper high-speed window sticking machine. During the production process of the window sticking machine, the paper making direction of the facial paper is consistent with the direction of the corrugated cardboard. Before, it was necessary to strictly distinguish the direction of the facial paper. The direction of the facial paper must be interspersed with the direction of the corrugation at 90 degrees. When analyzing the direction of the facial paper, it is very simple. You only need to pull off which one of the facial papers. However, if the tearing is straight in the future, then it is clear that this direction is the paper making direction. If it is turned immediately after the tearing, then it is clear that the direction is not the paper making direction. It is produced in our carton creasing and corner cutting machine. In the process, we must pay attention to the fact that the direction of corrugated cardboard and facial paper must be 90 degrees interspersed.

The increase in market demand for window patching machine equipment has greatly stimulated the technological upgrading of the industry. Packaging models with brand-new intelligent and automated functions will gradually replace tradition and become a mainstream in the future. It is an effective way for the continuous development of window-pasting enterprises, and it is also the ultimate policy for stopping technological change.

At present, the international window patching machine industry still has the problems of stand-alone automation, poor stability and robustness, incomplete appearance, automatic alignment window patching machine beautiful, short life and other problems, which is the advantage of domestic equipment in the competition of export packaging equipment.
The window sticking machine must have high flexibility and sensitivity, and the production line allows the packaging to be adjustable within the specified scale. Since the life cycle of commodities is much shorter than the service life of equipment, changing the goods and packaging cannot replace expensive packaging production lines, because the life cycle of commodities is much shorter than the equipment life. With customer's request as the driving force for market development, the window patching machine market is no exception. At present, the international packaging and food machinery development is based on the request of major customers as the guideline to drive the development of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's related machinery.

Innovation is now the company's management form, research on new techniques, and development of new equipment. From the perspective of the company's situation, the international window pasting machine profession should establish a leading company and adopt the leading management form. The temporary demand of the international pharmaceutical packaging industry introduces many advanced foreign skills and equipment, and the result is that the market share of high-end equipment of my country's large packaging companies is almost occupied by foreign equipment. Such forced exhibition scenes usually make international pharmaceutical processing factories only choose to apply automation technology to upgrade their equipment when they are forced to do so.

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