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Manufacturing method of automatic window sticking machine for packing boxes—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

With the development and update of technology and equipment, the production process of gift box packaging and window stickers is in the hands of more and more companies. The application of new technologies has greatly improved production efficiency. Window stickers have gradually replaced tedious manual operations. The upgrading of software and hardware has improved the product quality.

At present, the installation structure of the carton window pasting machine on the market is unreasonable, which will have a certain influence on the operation of the subsequent process, and the problem of uneven carton often occurs. For this reason, we propose a method to apply it to the color box automatic pasting Window machine equipment.
Place the packing box on the automatic window sticking machine, including the box body and the machine base. The bottom right side of the box body is connected with diagonal braces. The upper right end of the box frame is equipped with a row of paper tables. An adjustment handle is arranged below, an indicator light is arranged at one end of the adjustment handle close to the paper feeding table, and an upper rubber wheel is arranged at the upper left end of the adjustment handle, and the base is arranged below the indicator light and inside the base A chassis is provided, and a main control board is provided on the upper right side of the base. Automatic crimping and corner cutting window sticking machine

Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the following advantages:

1. Put the packaging box in until the window sticking machine has a limit slot. At present, the window sticking machine on the market needs to adjust the position of the carton during the process of inputting the carton. Once the adjustment is not timely or the adjustment accuracy is not accurate enough, it will cause paper When the box is input into the carton, it will cause the carton to wrinkle. This new model adopts a limit slot, and the carton is directly put into the limit slot. Under the cooperation of such a limit slot and the pressure wheel, the new model is changed. Can avoid the carton wrinkles.

2. The current window sticking machine on the market is in contact with the outside air during the whole process of operation, so that dust will fall on the sticking film and affect the window sticking effect. The utility model adds a protective cover to prevent dust And under the action of the rotating shaft, the protective cover can be quickly opened without affecting the overhaul and maintenance of the equipment.
3. Since the equipment may need to store defective products during operation, or the equipment maintenance equipment needs to be overhauled, in order to be more convenient to use, there are two cabinets inside the machine base, which can store defective products or maintenance tools separately. For defective product recycling and equipment maintenance.

Through years of independent research and development and self-innovation, Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery has continuously added R&D investment to improve the company’s technical level, develop new products, and continuously improve product quality. Compared with foreign products, the company’s products have obvious advantages in terms of cost and price. With the improvement of the company's technical level and the increase of brand influence, there is still greater room for improvement in the future.

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