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Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery automatic window sticking machine is suitable for window sticking processing of all kinds of carton boxes

The market for automatic window sticking machines is expanding. The semi-automatic die-cutting and creasing machine has low output and high operator rest intensity. The flat-pressing, die-cutting and creasing market will further decline, mainly due to its low productivity and operation. Factors such as the intensity of personnel rest. However, due to the large gap in the scope of my country's printing and packaging industry, this type of binding equipment has a certain market, but it will still be unknown.
Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery automatic window sticking machine, including film roll, feeding mechanism, correction mechanism, window sticking mechanism and transfer and storage structure; the window sticking mechanism consists of a fixed bracket and a film shaft set in the fixed bracket, and the film is fed Roller group, transition roller group, glue roller group, suction roller, cutting assembly and suction drum. The film roll is fixed to the upper left corner of the fixed bracket by the film shaft, and one end of the film roll passes through the film feeding in turn Roller group, transition roller group, glue roller group, suction roller and cutting assembly, suction roller film reel, the utility model has simple structure, reasonable structure, stable performance and low cost. It can greatly improve the packaging box by cooperating with labor. The processing efficiency of window-mounted PVC board or its film can be reduced, and the labor intensity of workers can be reduced.

The main feature of the structure of the automatic window sticking machine is that it can constantly adjust the position of the paper, the front and rear positions of the glue, and the left and right positions of the film during the production process. The positions of these three are very convenient and quick, and it is very convenient when changing products. The main structure of this machine is composed of five parts: paper feeding part, positioning part, glueing part, filming part, and paper receiving part. The whole steel plate structure is sturdy and durable.
This machine is controlled by a microcomputer system, which can effectively degumming and stop processing for idling, continuous sheeting, etc., so as to minimize the waste rate. The extended conveyor belt is more suitable for multi-person work. The touch screen man-machine interface can be operated quickly and is easy to use. It is especially suitable for various high-precision carton automatic alignment 90-degree window stickers.

Compared with manual work, its efficiency is greatly improved. The overall structure of the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and the price is reasonable; it is suitable for processing various carton and film specifications. When changing the carton or film specifications, the equipment adjustment is simpler, so the efficiency is higher.

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