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Automatic window sticking machine is suitable for the processing of various specifications of cartons—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

In order to improve the processing efficiency of color boxed window sticking, a kind of automatic window sticking machine appeared on the market. Its main structure is: one end of the worktable is connected with a frame, and the cloth rubber roller is attached with a cloth rubber roller. Its shape Same as the skylight side of the corresponding packaging box, a rolling roller is arranged under the cloth rubber roller, and a glue supply mechanism is arranged on the frame.

Compared with manual work, its efficiency is greatly improved. The overall structure of the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and the price is reasonable; it is suitable for processing various carton and film specifications. When changing the carton or film specifications, the equipment adjustment is simpler, so the efficiency is higher.
The automatic window sticking machine is a kind of cross-cut windowed carton, automatically glues the opening at the opening, and automatically sticks the plastic film. The box can be cardboard or corrugated paper. Window paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetics boxes, etc. You can see the style and color of the product without opening the paper box. This model can be glued and filmed at one time. high speed.

Fully automatic window sticking machine is applied in control technology, computer technology and microelectronic technology application, heat pipe technology and cold sealing technology application. As the research of packaging from a single technology to a combination of processing continues to deepen, it should be Baoan Qingyonghua Machinery The field of packaging technology extends to the field of processing, and the development of integrated packaging packaging.

The structure of the automatic window sticking machine is also relatively simple, mainly including 4 aspects:

(1) Flat belt paper-drawing mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping the machine, the level mechanism, accurate positioning;

(2) The gluing method of the runner ensures uniform gluing and can effectively control the amount of glue;

(3) Cross knife cutting film, stable and reliable;

(4) The well-designed fine-tuning device is easy to adjust.
With the use of automatic window patching machines, the semi-automatic flat mold market will further decline. In addition to low production efficiency and high employee rest intensity, the main reasons for its decline are poor safety and work-related injury risks.

Fully automatic paper extraction, positioning, gluing, film cutting, high-speed gluing, high-speed no glue overflow, no scratches on the film. The structure design is reasonable, the adjustment is convenient and sensitive, and the film length, front and back and direction can be continuously adjusted. The machine is controlled by PLC computer and program-controlled controller. High accuracy, no maintenance, normal operation and maintenance.

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