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Paper feeding process of automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is a manufacturer specializing in the production of color box packaging machinery. It has irreplaceable brand influence in the packaging and printing industry. It is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective, higher value-added, and comprehensive solutions for post-press packaging.

Anhui Hongyonghua automatic high-speed window sticking machine is also a good packaging production machine. Non-contact cutting, narrow cutting seam, small deformation of the workpiece, minimal heat effect on the cut surface, and basically no deformation of paper products. Save time for changing molds, save processing costs, and reduce production costs.
The operating speed of Anhui Hongyonghua mechanical window patching machine equipment can reach 3000-36000 sheets/hour, the patch size can reach 1080*800 mm, and the minimum size is 150*150 mm. YH series automatic window sticking machine has filled the gap in the current domestic market and has become the first choice of many carton manufacturers.

How does Anhui Hongyonghua Mechanical Window Pasting Machine feed paper?

After the paper feeding, the paper products that need to be filmed after die-cutting and indentation are sorted, and stacked on the paper feeding table with the feet inclined, and the next paper product is pulled out and stacked by the paper feeding belt during the winding process. As the paper feed belt rolls, the paper products enter the paper feeding device after passing between the paper feed belt and the pressure roller.

After the fed paper products enter the conveying equipment through the paper feeding belt, the paper products are transported forward by the rear end of the paper products by the paper stopper on the chain, and are sent to the upper and lower rails and the guide devices of the left and right rails at the adjusted distance. Vacuum conveyor belt for glue equipment. Due to the change of paper product specifications and the orientation of the window after processing, the paper feeding direction needs to be adjusted as necessary.

Adjusting the paper feeding position Select the paper feeding belt orientation according to the shape of the processed paper. Loosen the tension roller of the feeding belt, move the feeding belt to the required position and fix it, loosen the star handle on the roller frame, and move the paper pressing roller. On the tug, align the conveying wheel with the pinch roller, and then tighten the star handle.
Adjusting the orientation of paper transportation. When the filmed paper products are pushed together by the paper pusher on the two transport chains, or the order of the two paper pushers is required, loosen the screws on the sprocket and pull the chain by hand. The sprocket in the empty sleeve rotates idly on the driving shaft, which can drive the paper pushing block gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so that the block gauge is adjusted to the proper position for the paper jam, and then the screw is locked.

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