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Briefly list the characteristics of the automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Due to the high degree of mechanization of the automatic window patching machine, once a certain link goes wrong, all the data may be invalidated. Although the safety can be avoided, it cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, we need multiple people to monitor the process of stopping production.

In addition, the degree of animalization of the carton window pasting machine is getting higher and higher, which can handle multiple processes of the product together, which greatly improves the production and processing speed. However, this kind of machine still requires manual material picking, scrubbing, polishing, etc., so its speed cannot be compared with fully automatic. When their joint strength is close to a whole piece of continuous material, it only matches the plan of the joint surface of the product, and complete sealing is relatively no problem.
Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window sticking machine is suitable for all kinds of box-type window sticking, and in order to attract the attention of carton users under the environment of accumulated market competition, it can also increase the added value of automatic window sticking machine products. It is particularly important. Creasing and cutting corner window sticking machine

Advantages of carton window pasting machine: The paper feeding part is the main part of the whole machine. The main advantages of the carton window pasting machine are: the paper pumping belt stops the bottom of the paper and continues to add paper without stopping; the continuous belt conveyor adopts frequency conversion speed control, and the transportation method can be adjusted according to the length of the paper. Multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gears. And rack equipment, the position of the belt can be adjusted.
Briefly list the characteristics of the automatic window sticking machine: First, before the machine is running, you need to check the internal structure, handle, protective cover and other parts of the product to see if they have moved in the original position and whether it has occurred. Changed. Second, in the process of use, it is necessary to ensure that the working environment and employees are in a safe state, and cannot touch the running paper, so as to avoid danger. After use, the machinery and equipment should be properly clear, internal blockages should be removed, and the equipment should be clean, so as to ensure the extension of the use time.

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