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The production process of automatic window sticking machine is constantly improving—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

With the continuous improvement of the market economy, the types of products continue to increase, and packaging machinery is also upgrading with changes in demand. Its production technology and production process industry are constantly improving, and the sales of window box types in the market continue to increase. , Post-press packaging machinery is also constantly changing, packaging machinery production technology and production process industry is constantly improving, such as PET and other materials, can fully display the information inside the product on the color box.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery’s automatic window sticking machine has the highest level of progress in function and quality, so as to well meet some merchants with different needs in the shopping mall, and then let the packaging machinery develop well in the market in the future, thus The packaging machinery market has been greatly improved, in order to provide the most powerful packaging effects to commodity producers.
The window sticking machine can feed paper without stopping the machine. It uses a flat belt paper design and a cross-knife film cutting method. The positioning is accurate. The roller gluing method is used to make the carton uniform during the glue printing process. The design of the device guarantees that it can control the amount of glue well.

In the process of using the window patching machine, pay attention to some safety operation matters, especially when the machine is running, do not touch the cutting material that is running at will. It is best to check the parts before the machine is started, and then terminate the cleaning of the machine after ensuring safety. Assuming that the machine is suddenly interrupted during operation, press and hold the "emergency stop" safety button on the machine in time to lock the machine, and start the machine again after the garbage is cleaned up. During the debugging of the window patching machine, the irrelevant objects should be removed from the machine to avoid accidents, and all the devices should ensure normal operation.
Aiming at the characteristics of the domestic window filming process, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery started from the aspects of high quality, high efficiency, high stability, low cost, easy operation, etc., first applied the intelligent concept to the design and development center of domestic window patching machines, and digitalized , Network and information technology are integrated.
Choosing Anqing Yonghua's intelligent post-printing window sticking machine equipment can improve product quality, save raw materials, reduce manpower, simplify operations, and meet the needs of enterprises to undertake business. In addition to the production speed, the post-press equipment must also consider factors such as equipment adjustment time, continuous stability, reliable high-speed production performance, and reject rate.

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