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Operation process and adjustment method of automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The use of window patching machine equipment not only improves production power, but also improves production quality. Compared with manual operation, the window sticking equipment can stick the glue on a machine that is even, high-speed and stable. One machine can complete the operation of 5-6 skilled workers. For the use of our company’s window sticking machine, It reduces production costs and facilitates company management.

We briefly introduce the advantages of the window patching machine from the structure of the window patching machine.
The paper feed section is more important in the entire machine. The biggest advantage is: paper is drawn from the bottom of the paper belt, and paper can be fed continuously without stopping; continuous conveying is controlled by frequency conversion, and the continuous conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gears and rack devices, which can adjust the belt orbiting direction.

As for the paper feeding position, the printing position is the key. The main function is: choose double high hardness tube roller to drive glue, choose eccentric device for tube roller support, which can adjust the thickness of glue; choose flexible template for printing glue, the shape of the template can be engraved according to the needs of the product; the roller surface of the equipment template is engraved There is a reference line, which can adjust the thickness of the instep; the flexible template printing plate is selected, and the front and back orientation can be adjusted according to the needs of the product.

The diaphragm part adopts stepless speed regulation equipment, which can adjust the length of the film without stopping the machine; choose the length of the film that is rolled to the active cutting film; the zigzag line of the active pressing film; the opening of the active slitting film (such as the tissue box); the suction tube is selected The roller sucks and sticks the film to the carton. You can adjust the direction of the film front and back without stopping the machine.

Do you know the operation process and adjustment method of the automatic window sticking machine?

The utility model is suitable for the automatic window sticking machine to transport paper products through the paper feeding belt and enter the conveying equipment. The paper products are transported forward through the paper pushing stop gauge on the chain to push the rear end of the paper products forward, along the adjusted upper and lower guide rails and The guide device of the orbiting rail is sent to the conveying device. Due to the different specifications of the processed paper products, the direction of the pasting window is different, and the paper feeding direction needs to be adjusted as necessary.
Automatic window sticking machine paper product transportation orientation adjustment When the filmed paper product chooses the push paper stop gauges on the two transportation chains to push the paper stop rules at the same time, or the demand pushes the paper stop rules in sequence, loosen the screws on the sprocket, Pull the chain by hand at this time, the sprocket in the empty sleeve is idling on the driving shaft, and the push paper stopper on the chain can be moved forwards and backwards to adjust the stopper to the proper position for the paper jam and then tighten the screw.

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