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Which automatic window patching machine is better? How to choose a brand—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

It is a fully automatic window sticking machine composed of four steps: film feeding, film cutting, film conveying, and film sticking. Unfold a whole roll of film according to the width of the window on the paper jam, and load it into the material rack device at the end of the host. The length of the film is generally 30mm longer than the window, and the roll diameter of the material is about 25-30mm wider than the window.

Adjusting the length of the cut film: The length of the cut film is generally 30 mm longer than the cut film length of the window, and the width of the film roll is about 30 mm wider than the window. The cutting length of the film is within the range specified by the machine and can be adjusted according to the size of the jam window. The transmission side of the automatic window sticking machine is equipped with a digital stepless speed regulation device. The sprocket coaxial with the gear on the cutter roller drives the sprocket on the stepless speed input shaft. After deceleration, the conveyor sprocket will output and drive the film feeding. The power roller sprocket adjusts the speed of the power roller and the cutter roller to make it have a higher speed. The cutter will stably cut the long film. It is forbidden to rotate when the adjustment handwheel is stopped, otherwise it may cause damage to the stepless speed change device.
automatic window sticking machine
Installation and adjustment of the film width direction: the film roll is mounted on the axis of the material rack, press the handle on the wall plate in a counterclockwise direction, relax the rubber roller, the film passes through the lower blade, and then release the handle, the film follows the machine Rotate and discharge. When there is a deviation in the width direction, paste the diaphragm on the paper window, and make the 3 M6 Anqing Yonghua machine screws at both ends of the M10 nut and the knurled nut move the relative position of the diaphragm on the axis of the feeder to make the diaphragm Loosen the jammed paper window, make the M10 nut and the knurled nut, rotate the adjustment hand wheel to realize the fine adjustment of the position of the roll film to the automatic window sticking machine. After the adjustment is completed, tighten the lock screw and nut. If the diaphragm is too wide, a cutter can be used to cut the diaphragm to achieve the required width. If the diaphragm needs to be pressed into an adjustable heating device, indent the diaphragm.

Which brand of automatic window patching machine is better? How about Anqing Yonghua Machinery?

1. Simple operation: The operation is flexible and simple, no tool adjustment is required, and the window area can be automatically adjusted by inputting the size, and no professional captain is required. It can be easily used by novices.

2. Green and environmental protection: saving process and labor, and greatly saving raw materials in terms of materials, saving land, labor, electricity, and materials. This is another interpretation of green environmental protection. Creasing and cutting corner window sticking machine
automatic window sticking machine
3. Quality assurance: The traditional window pasting machine adopts push-pull positioning, while this intelligent and high-efficiency window pasting machine adopts a full computer servo system, which has more precise positioning, higher quality and higher value.

4. High-speed and high-efficiency: The traditional window patching machine is calculated by one unit of calculation, while the high-speed window patching machine of Anqing Yonghua Machinery has a fast production speed, which can reach 18,000-20000 sheets per hour.

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