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Fully automatic high-speed aligning window patching machine improves product quality and value—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The automatic high-speed aligning window pasting machine is a machine designed for color cartons (corrugated) pasting at 90° angles (PVC, PET). It is a die-cut color box, the machine automatically glues, automatically crimps, cuts corners, and automatically fits to the color box. It is widely used in electronic product packaging, toy packaging, clothing packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging and other fields. The crimping and cutting corner color box produced by this machine can display the appearance and color of the product more three-dimensionally and comprehensively without opening the package. The machine can complete the procedures of gluing, corner cutting, crimping, and filming at one time, improving product quality and value.
Window patching machines have environmentally friendly printing equipment, technologies, processes and materials, promoting environmentally friendly production of printing enterprises, and promoting the entire printing industry to achieve energy-saving and emission-reducing green printing, which will become an important goal of the entire industry. In addition, the development of green printing will also help promote the upgrading of printing products, production management and industrial structure. Anqing Yonghua Machinery improves the basic quality and global awareness of corporate managers and employees, and promotes the market to become more active, reasonable and sustainable The direction of development.

What are the characteristics of the automatic window sticking machine?

1. During the production process, the orientation of the paper and the orientation of the glue can be constantly adjusted. The structure of the window sticking machine consists of five parts: paper feeding position; positioning position; gluing position; film sticking position; paper receiving position. The bracket is made of full steel plate structure, which is strong and durable.

2. In the whole machine, the paper feeding part is more important. The main advantages are: the bottom of the paper-drawing belt can be used to draw paper, and the paper can be continuously fed without stopping; the continuous feeding adopts continuous conveying mode and the frequency conversion control is adopted. The continuous conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveying belts are equipped with gears and racks The device can adjust the wheel base according to the length of the paper.
Window Patching Machine Gluing Line
3. The main function is flexible template glue. The shape of the template can be engraved according to product requirements. The equipment template roller is engraved with standard lines. The equipment template is accurate and convenient. The position of the printing rubber support formula can be adjusted. Stop the machine to adjust the front and back position of the printing glue.

The speed of the film of the window sticking machine can be adjusted, and the length of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine. The length of the film is cut with a roller knife, the zigzag line of the film is automatically pressed, and the opening of the film (such as facial tissue paper box) is automatically cut; Stick to the carton and adjust the direction of the film without stopping the machine.

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