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Operation process and product highlights of automatic window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window sticking machine YH1080G is a machine specially designed for sticking windows on high-demand, high-quality cartons and color boxes. Using positioning windows, industrial computers, and program algorithms, the machine integrates processes such as crimping, cutting corners, process holes, and protruding. It is widely used in digital product packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging and other fields to show the characteristics of the product.

Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window sticking machine YH1080G, the production speed is fast, up to 18000-20000 sheets per hour, simple operation, so that the front and rear, left and right positions of the glue are consistent. Both paper feeding and film feeding are driven by servo motors with reliable accuracy. It adopts intelligent paper feeding and film feeding methods, and the human-machine interface is visualized and humanized design, which makes the production and operation of the equipment easier.
Operation process: YH1080G automatic window sticking machine processes paper window sticking film, including six processes of paper feeding, paper feeding, gluing, cutting, film sticking and paper delivery. Place the paper that needs to be pasted on the table of the window pasting machine, and the machine can automatically send the paper products from the conveyor belt to the next working position. When the paper product is transported to the gluing station, the window enclosed by the adhesive strip on the stencil roller will be coated with glue to the window of the paper product to be glued, and the paper product coated with the glue on the window will continue to be passed through the conveyor belt Go to the filming station; at the same time, the film is clamped by the transfer roller to the position of the cross-cutting knife roller, so that it is cut between the upper and lower knives. The cut film is transferred to the film transfer roller, and the film is glued to the paper product window. With the rotation of the film transfer roller and the movement of the paper product, when the two films gradually approach and align with the sticker window, the film Paste it on the paper window, and then use roll paper to complete the pasting. The film can be cut to the patch of the paper window, and the cutting length can be adjusted as needed.

Product highlights: The biggest feature of the YH1080G automatic window sticking machine is the addition of die-cutting and creasing function, which meets the higher requirements of our customers. The machine consists of five parts: paper feeding, positioning, gluing, film sticking, and paper delivery. From paper feeding, positioning accuracy, gluing to film length, crimping, corner cutting on both sides, filming, etc., all are automatically controlled. This function is suitable for cardboard boxes and corrugated paper, and the film material is suitable for PET/PVC/PP/PE, etc. .
Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is committed to providing customers with all-round overall solutions for color boxes, and will continue to build the "box" you want to be the leading brand of global all-round color box overall solutions. In terms of innovative technology, we provide customers with a full set of digital solutions for color box and window stickers, and the machinery adheres to the principle of "excellent quality".

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