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What are the characteristics of the components of the automatic window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Factory's automatic window sticking machine has a wealth of experience in carton opening and filming. The automatic window sticking machine automatically prints glue on the window carton and automatically pastes the plastic film. The box can be corrugated paper or cardboard. After passing through the window, you can see the color and style of the product without opening the carton. This model can complete glue and film at one time, and the production speed is fast. What are the characteristics of the components of the automatic window sticker!
Gluing part: The gluing part is composed of a chrome-plated gluing roller, a glue layer guide plate, a side limit roller and a gluing mold roller; the gluing part is easy to pull out, easy to set and clean, simple and convenient to use; adjustable glue The separating guide plate controls the scope and quantity of the glue; if it encounters a shutdown, the cylinder will raise the glue roller and drive it by another independent motor to avoid glue leakage; a glue preparation table is also available, which can be outside the machine Preparing rubber templates is time-saving and convenient.

Crimping and corner cutting part: The crimping section uses an independent heating line to press the line. A separate heating roller can make the curved film flat. The high-precision servo corner cutting system can make the film smoother; the independent fine-tuning system can make the operation It's easier and faster.

Feeder and paper feeding system: equipped with a professional lower belt feeder paper feeding mechanism, and can be equipped with two different lifting systems, respectively, the stacker lifting system and the belt lifting system cooperate with each other, and the stacker lifting system.

The utility model is characterized by the continuous operation of the belt, and the cartons are moved through the stacking rack that can move up and down, which not only can flexibly transport different cartons, but also has the function of anti-scratch. The belt improves the speed of the system and improves the production capacity.

The designed feeder feeding mechanism adopts the latest feeding technology, and the timing belt feeder is equipped with an automatic suction system.

The feeder part is equipped with a conveyor door with a unique design. The upper guide rail is made of flat steel with a thickness of 5mm. The upper guide rail is made of flat steel with a thickness of 5mm. It is connected with the middle lifting part of the plate frame. The structure is firm and can ensure the alignment between the guide rail, paper jam and chain. Accurate, it can maintain accurate settings even after severe paper jams, and use fine-tuning methods for height adjustment.
Window pasting part: The glue part of the carton is conveyed to the window pasting part by a suction table. The suction table automatically uses electric eye detection. When there is an empty sheet, the suction table will fall down in real time to effectively prevent the belt from sticking to the glue. The suction wind speed can be adjusted according to the size of the product. The suction cylinder is made of special materials and is light and smooth to avoid scratches on the surface of the plastic film.

Through the rolling of the knife barrel, the knife holder and another fixed knife bar are arranged staggered, and the plastic film becomes a "scissors" slit, the cut is flatter, the unique knife barrel design, with an adjustable blowing/suction system, ensures the plastic film The window cardboard can be pasted accurately.

Delivery section: The delivery belt is designed to be wide, adjustable in height, and overlap neatly. The belt speed can also be adjusted according to the machine speed.

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