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How to carry out comprehensive maintenance on automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window pasting machine is also called frame window machine, which is mainly used for all kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, sanitary paper boxes, and corrugated paper box windows! Through paper, plastic film, cutting, bonding and other processes.

The window sticking machine is mainly used for all kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, sanitary paper boxes, and corrugated paper boxes! The structure of the window patching machine is relatively simple, mainly including 4 aspects: organization of flat belt, no paper; organization level, precise positioning. 2. Make sure the glue is even. 3. Knife die cutting, safe and reliable. 4. Carefully design the fine-tuning equipment processing equipment.
Window patching machines using new technologies allow more consumers to experience this new service and make the market develop more smoothly. Coupled with changes in product costs and demand, combined with the continuous advancement of modern technology, more companies will enter and create unlimited Market space.

More and more applications of window patching machines have saved the company a lot of costs and improved work efficiency with its fast and efficient processing methods. How do we perform comprehensive maintenance on a window patching machine?

1. The main function of the automatic window sticking machine is die-cutting. Therefore, a large amount of waste and dust will inevitably be produced after cutting. And if these useless scraps cannot be cleaned up in time, they may enter the inside of the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine. For example, when waste enters the conveyor chain part of the machine, the chain will be blocked and the machine will not operate normally.

2. Many automatic window sticking machines will talk about one thing during maintenance, that is, smooth. Since the working process of the machine will definitely require the direct coordinated operation of various parts, if the smoothness is not enough, the machine will be unsmooth in the use process, and the corresponding result will cause the machine's working efficiency to drop. If it is still not carried out at the moment Smooth, due to lack of smoothness, the window sticking machine will form inaccurate die-cutting, which will cause the machine to stop running.
3. Reasonable operation is an important part of the maintenance operation of the window patching machine. The die-cutting machine is fully automatic and requires less manual operation, but it is still impossible to avoid human influence factors. For example, when sending raw materials to the machine, you must be careful not to always reach the maximum processing capacity of the machine. Assuming that the machine is always working under full load, it will greatly affect the service life of the machine.

The fully-automatic high-speed window patching machine developed by Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is fully computerized, fully servo-driven, accurate in operation and high in transmission efficiency. The utility model can be debugged directly through the digital display, and the productivity is high. The paper feeding part and the collecting part are equipped with non-stop devices to ensure uninterrupted production. The range is wide. It can be used from 150*150mm to 1080*800mm, and the die cutting speed Reach 360,000 sheets/hour. Its efficiency is several times higher than conventional products. It has greatly saved manpower and carried out destructive technological transformation in the country. In addition, there are multifunctional platforms such as coding and windows.

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