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Automatic window sticking machine mechanical technology field and various ministries specifications—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window patching machines adopt new technologies to make more consumers aware of this new utility. Coupled with changes in product costs and demand, combined with the continuous promotion of modern technology, more companies will enter into unlimited development opportunities.

The window sticking machine includes major mechanical parts such as unwinding device, gluing device, conveying pressure device, drive motor, etc. The automatic window sticking machine is mainly planned for the production characteristics of small displays and small touch components.
Window patching machines
Because its working form is computer controlled, it doesn't need too much manual operation. The utility model is composed of two parts: a paper feeder and a paper press. The paper feed part has two side-by-side wind heads and a center positioning system. The positioning system is mainly composed of positioning guide blocks and components with lifting functions.

Faced with so many processes of paper products, the window sticking machine is capable of performing, and the function can be described as very powerful. The film stickers for various packaging gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue gift boxes, etc. are very neat and very convenient to use because it is a Intelligent equipment, so it can position itself and position accurately, so that every processed product is beautiful and meets the production requirements of the product.

Automatic window sticking machine mechanical technology field: specifically refers to a window sticking machine used for two-layer substrate bonding, which is realized through the following technical solutions: the window sticking machine contains the top substrate for placing the top substrate Unwinding equipment, gluing equipment, unwinding equipment for placing the second substrate, and preheating, conveying, heating and pressurizing bonding equipment. The preheating, conveying, heating and pressurizing bonding equipment includes a motor and a motor-driven heating Roller and pressure roller, between which the pressure roller is located at the periphery of this pressure bonding area; the substrate placed on the top substrate unwinding equipment passes through the gluing equipment and enters the drying and heating transport area on the circumferential surface of the heating wheel, and The heating wheel transports the raining second substrate through between the pressing wheel and the heating wheel. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, the whole process is compact, and the advantage of saving space.

Specifications of each department of automatic window sticking machine:

1. Paper feeding department of automatic window sticking machine

A belt is used to feed the paper at the bottom, which can be adjusted manually according to the paper size.

2. Glue printing department of automatic window sticking machine

Choose flexible stencil printing glue, and the shape of the stencil can be carved according to product requirements. The installation template is accurate, convenient and fast; the front and back positioning of the printing glue can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
3. Automatic window sticking machine window sticking department

Use the stepless speed regulating equipment, the roll knife actively cuts the film, and the length of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

4. Positioning department of automatic window sticking machine

The chain hook pushes the paper, the paper is blocked by the orbiting board, the paper orientation is accurate, and the electric eye is controlled, which can effectively handle the empty and continuous sheets of paper.

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