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Automatic window sticking machine production device—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

At present, domestic manufacturers are trying to innovate continuously. Therefore, the development prospects of automatic window sticking machines are very broad. In the face of consumers' admiration for packaging in the market, window sticking machine equipment is also becoming mature, complete, and integrated. It has become the machinery and equipment with the most development potential in the packaging market.

The carton window filming machine is such a production machinery and equipment. It has decades of development prospects in the domestic market. It has brought higher-speed production power and productivity to major manufacturers, and guaranteed product quality. , Packaging machinery in the domestic market will be more and more perfect for packaging.
Automatic window sticking machine production device:

1. Making the glue template

According to the size of the paper filming window, choose a PTFE coated plate with a thickness of 0.5mm from the width of 300mm-720mm respectively, align one edge of the filmed paper, and then use a marker to trace the window outline along the window Draw a 5mm wide glued plate, take away the paper, and draw a 5mm wide glued orientation on the glued plate along the window outline with a marker. Use a 2mm thick double-sided adhesive paper to stick the rubber strip on one side and rubber on the other side. The strips are pasted on the upper rubber plate to make the rubber strip and the upper rubber plate adhere firmly. Adhesive paper can be used to post a layer near the bottom of the rubber. After the glue template is assembled, its thickness is about 10mm. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery then embeds the hook-shaped strip on one end of the gluing plate into the groove of the plate roller, and glues the other end to the plate roller with adhesive paper to make the surface of the plate roller close to the surface of the plate roller.

2. The device of the cutting knife

Turn the cutter roller to the upper end with the hand turning tool, and put the upper blade into the cutter hob groove, so that after the lower end of the blade is in full contact with the bottom of the cutter groove, tighten 18 M6*15 set screws in order from the center to the two sides. .
When the equipment is lowering the blade, insert the blade through the through hole of the machine body into the knife holder seat, and use a wrench to slightly tighten the middle and two-head screws respectively. Manually turn the knife roller to roll, and wait for the blade edge to turn to the bottom to align with the lower blade Stop turning, use a wrench to adjust 19 M8*110 screws one by one so that the gap between the upper blade and the lower blade is controlled between 0.03-0.05mm, then tighten 18 M19*95 screws to make the pressure plate press the lower knife, and then tighten the M8 nut . Line cutting corner window sticking machine

The cutting edges on both sides of each cutting blade can be replaced and used. When the blade becomes dull, it needs to be smoothed and used on both surfaces. Generally, the new blade is installed in the cutter roll and the lower blade can be extended through the M8*110 screw conditioning blade. The height controls the gap between it and the upper blade.

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