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Automatic window patching machine equipment maintenance instructions—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua is the leading brand of global color box overall solutions and the first of smart color box manufacturers. The company's self-developed automatic hot stamping window patching machine, high-speed window patching machine is a complete set of post-press packaging equipment, Customers improve a variety of production equipment configuration plans to meet various needs of customers.

There are many types of window sticking machines, which can meet the production needs of the color box post-printing packaging industry to the greatest extent. Among them, the most popular is the automatic window patching machine, because it has a large amount of computer control and does not require most manual operations.
So, for a carton factory, equipment is like the heart, providing continuous power to the factory. The same equipment has different service life and production efficiency. The difference lies in the quality of our equipment maintenance.

In the production process, due to improper operation and untimely maintenance, equipment failures, abnormal shutdowns, etc., maintenance costs alone are very high. At the same time, the delivery of cartons and the quality of the products will not be guaranteed, which is very worthwhile.

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So how to effectively maintain equipment? Hongyonghua Machinery will share relevant knowledge and equipment maintenance instructions for you today:

Step 1: Check the equipment regularly

Equipment inspection is an important step in maintenance, such as checking whether fasteners are loose, precision testing, correction, and preventive testing. And regularly clean the equipment, especially the friction part, so as not to accumulate dust and affect the operation of the equipment.

Step 2: Equipment vulnerable parts management

It is necessary to know that each component has a service life. The components of high frequency and key equipment should be stocked or emergency plans should be established. The use files of vulnerable components should be established. The vulnerable components should be replaced on a regular and planned basis. In order to avoid sudden damage to the equipment, long waiting time for the purchase of parts and components, which affects the delivery time.

Step 3: Add proper amount of lubricating oil to the equipment

Adding equipment lubricating oil is the basic work of equipment maintenance. It mainly helps to reduce the frictional resistance between equipment, reduce wear, reduce the damage rate of parts, extend the service life of parts, and keep the equipment in good operating condition.

The market's increasing demand for color box window pasting equipment has greatly encouraged the technological upgrading of the industry. The packaging model with new intelligence and automatic functions will gradually replace the tradition and become the direct current of the future. This is an effective way for window-posted companies to develop sustainably, and it is also their ultimate policy to prevent technological change.

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