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Automatic window patching machine cutter installation—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Automatic window sticking machine, also known as paper box sticking machine, is mainly used for sticking window boxes and consists of several steps such as paper extraction, gluing, film cutting, and bonding. Under the condition of non-stop, the paper stack is separated by pumping and feeding the paper at the bottom. After being pushed to the designated position, glue is printed through the flexographic module to stabilize the cut of the high-quality diaphragm, and cut with a horizontal knife. Realizing the pasting of tissue boxes, gift boxes, toy boxes and shirt boxes is an indispensable and important way for the post-press packaging industry.
Automatic window sticking machine
The automatic window sticking machine of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is controlled by a microcomputer system. It can effectively take the corresponding skipping and shutdown treatments for empty paper and continuous paper, which can reduce the waste rate to a greater extent. The longer conveyor belt is more suitable for multiple people. Operation. Using imported belts, Delta frequency converters, TECO electrical appliances, thick structure, easy to adjust, we mainly promote practicability, durability and ease of use!

As we all know, according to the size of the sticker window, the automatic window sticker chooses a 0.5mm thick PTFE rubber sheet from a wide range of 300-720, aligns the side of the sticker with the side of the rubber sheet, and then uses a marker to place it on the rubber sheet Draw the outline of the window along the window, then remove the paper, and use a marker to draw a 5mm-wide line of the paste position along the outline of the window on the rubber sheet.

Use 2mm double-sided adhesive paper to paste the glue strip on one side, and paste the glue strip on the other side of the glue position. At the same time, in order to make the glue strip and the glue plate adhere firmly, the automatic window sticking machine can Use adhesive paper to paste a layer around the bottom of the adhesive strip, the thickness of the adhesive template is 10mm, and then insert the hook strip at one end of the adhesive plate into the groove of the plate roller, and the other end is glued on the plate roller with adhesive paper , So that the rubber-coated sheet is tightly wrapped on the outer surface of the plate roller.
Automatic window machine cutter installation: manually turn the cutter roller to the top, put the upper blade into the cutter groove of the cutter roller, and after the lower end of the blade is in full contact with the bottom of the cutter groove, tighten in turn from the middle to both sides M6*15 fastening screws. When installing the lower blade, insert the blade into the holder seat through the through hole of the machine body, use a wrench to slightly tighten the middle screw and the two screws at both ends, manually rotate the knife roller to rotate, and stop turning when the knife edge of the upper knife is aligned with the knife edge of the lower knife. , Use a wrench to adjust the M8*110 screws one by one, control the gap between the upper and lower blades to be between 0.03-0.05mm, and then tighten the M10*95 screws to make the pressure plate press the lower blade, and then tighten the M8 nut. Automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine.

The cutting edges on both sides of each cutting blade can be used alternately. When the cutting edge of the blade becomes blunt, two flat surfaces need to be polished for continuous use. Usually, a new blade is installed in the cutting roll for use. The lower blade can be adjusted by the M8*110 screw to adjust the blade extension height to control the gap between the upper and lower blades. The adjustment of the gap between the upper blade and the lower blade must be very careful, otherwise it will cause damage and rapid wear.

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