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A brief summary of the operation process of the automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery has been working in the post-press packaging industry for more than ten years. It has a solid technology research and development foundation and strength. The company actively changes in accordance with market changes, and continuously expands its products and market space. The rapid upgrading and transformation of the hardcover color box and special-shaped window patching machine has enabled the company to better inherit the active technology and brand technology of the company for many years.
The operation process of the window patching machine can be summarized as follows:

1. Adjust the paper first, 2. Adjust the push gauge again, 3. Adjust the film, 4. Adjust the queue, 5. Adjust the glue.


1. Adjust the paper: Generally speaking, the window sticking machine is a pull-down paper transfer machine, just like the box gluer, the adjustment method is basically the same as that of the box gluer. It should be noted that some machines operate in different ways. However, the window sticking machine of Anhui Hongyonghua adopts photoelectric induction to output paper, and the adjustment is relatively simple and convenient. Other machines have different adjustment methods according to the design of different manufacturers.

2. Re-adjust the push gauge: the push gauge is adjusted back and forth according to the shape of the paper. With the cooperation of the left and right support plates, the paper can be evenly pushed into the suction belt.

3. Adjust the film length: different factories use different filming methods. Anhui Hongyonghua window pasting machine adopts servo film feeding, which is more accurate. The length can be adjusted on the touch screen. Some machines are continuously variable transmissions and need to be adjusted when starting. Then, by comparing the positions of the film and paper windows, Anhui Hongyonghua window sticking machine can be adjusted left and right without stopping the machine.

4. Adjust the queue: This part is basically the same for every manufacturer, just use two big wheels to line up, adjust the position of the two wheels and the paper.

5. Adjust the glue: This is to prevent waste, make abrasive tools, stick them on the rollers, and then adjust the front, rear, left, and right positions. Anhui Hongyonghua window sticking machine can also adjust the front, back, left and right without stopping the machine, including when it is empty. Automatic rubber jump function.

The automatic window sticking machine of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's post-press processing equipment not only continuously improves the speed, but also makes the equipment adjustment more concise and user-friendly. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's automatic window sticking machine can replace a large number of manual work to complete the window sticking of the carton at one time, and is equipped with environmentally friendly glue. The unique structure equipment can accurately control the coating amount of the adhesive, avoid leakage, and fully package the quality and safety of the window of the carton. In addition, the device also has a scratch-resistant function, which fully guarantees the yield rate, and more importantly, the device can guarantee extremely high sticking accuracy.

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