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Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery|What advantages can the production of automatic window patching machines bring us?


Automation refers to the process of actively operating or controlling machines or equipment according to conventional procedures or instructions without manual intervention. According to the definition of artificial intelligence, intelligence refers to the operation of objects with active and accurate perception functions, correct thinking and discrimination functions, and effective performance functions. Networking mainly refers to the way of information transmission, which has the advantages of fast speed and wide distribution. Automatic aligning and cutting corner window sticking machine.

At present, the selected advanced post-press processing equipment is basically controlled by a computer and equipped with intelligent monitoring equipment. Therefore, the adjustment and control of the equipment can basically be completed actively through the program stored in the computer control system in advance, or through the interface of the equipment With the help of the network, the information related to prepress and printing can be directly adjusted as instructions, and the level of automation, intelligence and networking is relatively high. This is not only conducive to the application of CIP3, CIP4 to integrate pre-press, printing, and post-press, to complete the digitalization of the entire printing process, improve production power, but also to control the production process and ensure product quality.

The addition of smart modules to most post-press equipment will greatly reduce repetitive work and improve the level of equipment intelligence. Generally speaking, smart devices can not only complete independent operations, but also complete network control. These equipment can make different responses according to different process requirements, and then complete the conventional operation requirements.

What advantages can the production of automatic window patching machines bring us?

1. The introduction of the automated carton window pasting machine can greatly increase production capacity, which is unmatched by this technology, which not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also frees up operations, as well as a working environment for advanced operators.

2. After the automatic window sticking machine is put into use, the hygiene standards and quality standards can be commercialized in advance to avoid hand touch and reduce the impact of human factors on product production. At the same time, it is suitable for some high-standard products.
automatic window patching machines
3. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery can save the space occupied by the factory. The use of automatic window patching machine not only saves construction investment, but also saves working space, which greatly simplifies the workplace, not only optimizes the structure of the factory, but also saves a lot Financial needs.

The main features of the automatic window sticker are as follows: 1. The circuit is controlled by PLC and computer programs, and the coefficients can be quickly operated on the man-machine interface (touch screen), and it is easy to use. 2. In the production process, it is convenient and quick to adjust the front and back direction of the paper and the thickness direction of the glue. It is also very simple to change the product.

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