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Automatic aligning hot stamping window pasting machine new skills and new skills continue to emerge—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

It is understood that with the improvement of product packaging appearance style and quality requirements, the skills and packaging skills of carton window sticking machines have greatly improved, and the post-press processing skills of packaging have also been vigorously developed as part of post-press processing. , Anodized aluminum hot stamping has undergone tremendous changes in recent years.

With the continuous emergence of new skills and techniques and the application of various skills, the packaging carton window pasting machine has achieved good results in terms of gloss, three-dimensionality, metallic feeling and anti-counterfeiting performance after hot stamping. Especially the three-dimensional hot stamping technique that is more and more widely used now makes the product packaging look more delicate. Today, this skill is mainly used for cosmetics, underwear boxes, toy boxes, daily necessities boxes, and various advanced packaging boxes.
Anhui Hongyonghua Mechanical Window Patching Machine fits the market and has developed a fully automatic aligning hot stamping window patching machine. The high-quality material configuration ensures the continuous and stable output of the carton, achieving high output and low loss. Multiple control and setting functions ensure high-speed and perfect output. The machine can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users. This machine is equipped with paper conveying, paper chain, vacuum conveying table, cold glue system, hot glue system, picking device, stacking table, etc. Such function settings can be operated on the touch screen.

Hot stamping and high and low pressure stamping skills are traditional post-press processing techniques, and they are also indispensable processes in packaging. Now that the two are used together, not only has the production process been reduced, but also the production power has been improved, and greater progress has been made in the quality of product packaging, decorative functions, and anti-counterfeiting functions.
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Therefore, this skill now shows a strong momentum of development. With the maturity of various conditions, it will gradually replace the process of forming three-dimensional gold images through bronzing and embossing. The three-dimensional bronzing technique will become a promising decorative technique in the field of post-press packaging and decoration.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's automatic aligning and hot stamping window pasting machine has the functions of automatic paper stacking, paper picking, and machine operation. It can automatically transfer the paper in the paper stack to the workbench, which is more efficient and safer. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and cooperates with the paper cutter and unloader to optimize the cutting efficiency.

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