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With the advancement of printing press speed and the expansion of market demand, the requirements for the speed, accuracy and stability of post-press processing equipment are getting higher and higher. Therefore, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Post-Printing Window Pasting Machine Manufacturers are stable and reliable Sexual progress has been made. Stronger stability and reliability are mainly manifested in the higher precision of the post-printing equipment, lower error rate, higher reliability, and less impact on the equipment by the external environment.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Automatic Window Patching Machine Manufacturer Technical Field: Specifically, it relates to a window patching machine for pasting two-layer substrates. It is achieved by the following technical solutions: The window re-posting machine includes an unwinding device for placing the top substrate, a gluing device, a preheating, conveying, heating and pressing bonding device, including a motor, a heating wheel and a pressing wheel driven by the motor, and a heating wheel A drying heating and conveying zone is formed on the circumferential surface of the heating wheel. The substrate placed on the top substrate unwinding device passes through the gluing device and enters the drying heating and conveying zone on the circumferential surface of the heating wheel. Pass between the pressure roller and the heating roller together. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, compact whole process, and space saving.
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Adjustment of Paper Ink for Window Patching Machine

Air volume adjustment and control of the paper feeding table

The paper products are pushed down by the chain conveying block onto the vacuum flat belt conveying paper table, and there are eleven endless paper belts on the table. When the suction motor starts, the suction passes through the small holes on the paper tape, and the paper products are sucked in and run with the paper tape. There are ten adjustment screws on the table to adjust the suction volume. Turn the screw clockwise to reduce or close the suction. On the contrary, rotating in the counterclockwise direction will increase the air suction volume, and there is a conditioning screw, rotating in the counterclockwise direction, can reduce or close the air suction volume. Automatic aligning and cutting corner window sticking machine

When the width of the jammed paper is smaller than the width of several adjustment screws on the paper table, you can turn the adjustment screws to close unnecessary air holes, thereby increasing the useful wind force.
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Regulating the circumferential position of the plate roller

To install the self-adhesive plate on the plate roller, apply the ink of the printing table to the adhesive strip, and then start the machine. The paper product is pushed to the bonding direction by the chain-type paper push stop gauge. With the rotation of the plate roller, the ink is printed on the window of the paper product. According to the relative orientation of the window to be pasted on the paper product and the plate, the manufacturer of Anhui Hongyonghua Mechanical Window Patching Machine can adjust the circumferential orientation by loosening the M8 set screw on the plate roller in the operation panel. , Align the adhesive strips of the adhesive board with the front and rear orientation of the adhesive window.

If there is a difference between the ink printing of the cardboard window and the window to be pasted on the cardboard, properly adjust the paper feeding positioning side guide and the paper feeding positioning block, and you can also adjust the plate roller.

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