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Automatic window patching machine adopts integrated system—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

With the gradual deepening of users' understanding and demonstration of the technical characteristics of automatic window sticking machines, international companies are encouraged to switch to the production of automatic window sticking machines.

The automatic window patching machine is a product of our company with completely independent intellectual property rights:

1. Active correction equipment improves the accuracy of cardboard positioning.

With the implementation of this patent, the positioning accuracy of the cardboard is strictly controlled within 0.5mm, which completely solves the historical problem of inaccurate positioning of the paperback cover that has plagued the industry for many years.

2. Circulating board conveying equipment to increase the conveying speed of cardboard.
The implementation of this patent has changed the current situation that there is only one set of feeder feeder plates for window patching machines on the market. The selection of multiple sets of feeder circulating feeder plates has greatly increased the production speed.

3. Choose the activity hemming machine of platform technology.

With the implementation of this patent, the hemming effect is tighter and the external scratches are greatly reduced, so that the appearance of the product is more beautiful.

The annual sales of automatic window patching machine equipment has been growing rapidly. During this period, a group of fully active window patching machine equipment manufacturing enterprises-Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. emerged.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery retains the operating mode of the internal system of the window patcher, retains the structure of most ordinary machines, continues the advantages of the window patcher, and develops a better line cutting corner window patching machine and high-speed window patching machine , Line hot stamping and window pasting machine, etc. The overall structure is reasonable, the extruded lines are bumpy and easier to bend, the entire part is scratched, waste is minimized, and there are more integrations inside the machine and the system. We have always insisted on better methods and better results. To help manufacturers of color box window stickers.

How about the integrated system for the automatic window patching machine?

The electromechanical integration of the automatic window patching machine can replace the bulky electric control cabinet and driving device with microcomputer, sensor technology and new transmission technology, greatly reducing the number of parts, greatly simplifying the structure, and reducing the volume.

The automatic window sticking machine can improve the quality of packaged products. There is a huge storage system in the microcomputer. People can save the parameters and related data that affect the work of the automatic window sticking machine into the computer in advance. The automatic window sticking machine can automatically track In the production process, when one or several parameters change, this change will be immediately fed back to the microcomputer. Automatic crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine
The microcomputer recognizes and judges these changed parameters, and makes corresponding corrections in time, so that the automatic window sticking machine can maintain the best working condition at any time, but when the working parameters of the traditional automatic window sticking machine change, its adjustment depends on experience and it is difficult to find The best parameters, if the process parameters of several automatic window sticking machines change at the same time, it is even more at a loss.

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