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Carton window pasting machine has a larger market—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

At present, there are bottlenecks in the development of the domestic carton window pasting machine industry, and it is difficult to break through the market scale. However, there are many needs in the high-end market for carton window film pasting machines, but they have not been met. With the introduction of relevant packaging machinery policies, it is found that there is still a large market for carton window pasting machines, but the current high-end window pasting machines are underdeveloped. But now the global economy is sluggish, and China’s carton window pasting machine should seize the opportunity to improve the problem of high-end window pasting machines.

Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in R&D, production and sales of automatic window patching machines, line bronzing window patching machines, crimping corner cutting window patching machines and other equipment. The window sticking machine produced by our company adopts PLC programming technology to ensure the precision of film delivery, and has the functions of cutting corners and crimping, and has high alignment accuracy. It is the most ideal automatic equipment for processing 90-degree gift box film.
automatic window patching machines
Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Carton Window Film Laminator is a professional printing and packaging equipment with the following characteristics:

1. Rotary die-cutting will be the best die-cutting method for mass printing and packaging products. Previously used in the layout of online printing and packaging equipment such as flexographic printing production lines, form printers, corrugated paper slotting machines, window sticking machines, gravure printing and die cutting production lines. With the development of printing technology, especially the improvement of the processing technology of circular die-cutting cylinders, the application range of circular die-cutting will be more extensive, and the production compliance of die-cutting will be further improved.

2. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the scale of the company is also expanding from time to time, and the application market of fully automatic window filming machines will be expanded from time to time. In contrast, the sales market of semi-automatic flat die-cutting and creasing machines will further decline. In addition to the low productivity of operators and high rest intensity, the main reasons for the decline are poor safety and prone to work-related injuries. However, due to the large gap in the scale of my country's printing and packaging industry, there will still be some markets for this type of equipment layout.
3. Traditional window-fixing machine manufacturing companies have entered a difficult period in output in recent years, with output and sales declining year by year. The main reason is that the sales of production boxes of high-tech products such as rotating satellite trademark printers and flexographic printers are increasing one by one, and the production conformity of printing and continuous rotary die-cutting is much higher than that of intermittent printing and intermittent flat die-cutting.

Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating novel and practical solutions for printing customers, optimizing work processes, saving manpower, and improving efficiency. As a post-press equipment manufacturer, with the advent of the era of personalized customization, more and more customers put forward personalized needs to us, and the support and attention of new and old users continue to gain a very good reputation.

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