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The continuous emergence of various new skills of window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

There are many types of window patching machines to meet the production needs of users or paper-making-related professions to the greatest extent. in. The most popular is the fully automatic window patching machine, which does not require too much manual operation due to the large amount of computer control. Anhui Hongyonghua has a complete range of machinery products, including high-speed automatic window patching machines, crimping and cutting corner window patching machines, and fully automatic aligning hot stamping window patching machines. With its strong strength, it is very popular in the industry.

The continuous emergence of various new skills and the application of various skills of Anhui Hongyonghua mechanical window sticking machine makes the products of the packaging carton film sticking machine have a very good gloss, three-dimensional feeling, metallic feeling, and anti-counterfeiting performance after hot stamping. Good results, especially now that the application of three-dimensional hot stamping skills is more and more extensive, making the packaging of products appear high-level and accurate.
The advantages of the window sticking machine may not be obvious from the machine's parameters and characteristics. If you compare the window sticking machine with the traditional screen gluing technology, you will find the advantages of the window sticking machine.

1. The traditional film-making net frame stretches the net and exposes the net. The window sticking machine uses two high-hardness tube rollers to drive the glue. The tube rollers are supported by an eccentric device, which can adjust the thickness of the glue.

2. For the traditional screen printing machine, one person should be able to screen 4-5 people to paste, each group of 5-6 people, and the average output of each group is about 500-1000 sheets per hour. The window patching machine uses flexible template printing glue. The shape of the template can be carved according to the needs of the product.

3. The efficiency of the traditional screen printing machine cannot be improved, because one more station is needed to directly use the screen frame to print glue, which can not put too much at one time, and there will be problems such as shifting of the screen printing. Due to the different proficiency of the workers, the efficiency is extremely difficult to control; the rollers of the installation template are engraved with reference lines, and the installation of the template is accurate, convenient and fast.
4. The traditional two screen printing methods are difficult to improve efficiency because the productivity of the screen printing station cannot be improved for each process; the left and right positions of the printing paper can be adjusted, and the front and rear positions can be adjusted by a positive regulator. The front, back, left, and right positions of the printing paper can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

In today's diversified market demand, intelligence and automation have become one of the development trends of color box packaging machinery. Anhui Hongyonghua packaging machinery is simple to operate and can create distinctive effects, which not only reduces production costs, but also Increased the added value of the product.

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