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The carton window pasting machine is easy to debug and has high work efficiency—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

In order to display some products in the packaging box, the usual method is to open a skylight on the box body and paste a transparent PVC board on the skylight. In order to improve the efficiency of pasting the PVC board on the top window of the packaging box, there are various packaging box window sticking machines, which can apply glue to the edge of the packaging box window. Fixed size and pasting performance.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery’s automatic line-to-line window pasting machine adopts an independent servo control system for intermittent belt conveying and photoelectric induction paper delivery. The paper-drawing belt draws paper from the bottom, which cancels the traditional clutch control method. So as to realize continuous paper feeding without stopping; the bottom of the belt is supported by a flat plate, no matter what the shape of the box, it can easily adjust the paper output.
automatic window patching machine
What are the quality requirements of the automatic window patching machine:

1. Rubbing the printed surface or leaving scratches or dirt. When automatically pasting the window, the automatic window pasting machine will simply scratch the ink layer on the box surface due to the mechanical friction effect, leaving the box surface with scratches, sometimes The ink is dragged to the blank area and dirty. Some products are not being printed. When pasting the window, it is very simple to wipe the ink on the front of the box to the front, which will cause dirt. When it is severe, the product can only be discarded.

2. Opening the box simply means: when the paper cartons are used for filling items, the automatic window sticking machine is folded on both sides, and it can be achieved by quietly applying force to the middle, but if the window is folded inward or stuck to the window When the four sides are not pre-folded or the pre-folding point of view is not in place, the automatic window sticking machine will make it difficult to open the carton, which will bring inconvenience to the customer and affect the smooth progress of the customer's packaging production line.

3. No burst line and burst angle means that after the die-cut goods are improved to stick to the window, the indentation line of the automatic window sticking machine has no burst line and no damage. The explosion of the lines and corners in the carton may be caused by die-cutting and paper, or it may be caused by improper operation when pasting the carton. This requires us to carry out specific analysis and analysis, otherwise it will be simple and clear, and it is not convenient for us to analyze factors and solve problems. In short, the technology of window patching machine seems simple and difficult to bend. In high-speed operation, the window box operation must be completed. , All parts of the automatic window patching machine must be precisely coordinated and coordinated, and the actions must be coherent and common.
The emergence of the carton window sticking machine replaces other window sticking machines that cannot stick windows on the carton. The carton window sticking machine sucks paper from the bottom, is positioned by the pull pin, and automatically applies the glue and sticks the film. The film can be set according to the size of the window. After the film is pasted, the paper will be automatically overlapped and sealed. The machine is easy to debug and has high working efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for various carton windows.

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