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Which paper products are suitable for the window pasting machine and how to feed the paper—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

What paper products are suitable for window patching machines? The window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window carton, including several steps such as sticking film, drawing paper, gluing, cutting film, and bonding. Suitable for wrapping paper products with windows such as mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin boxes, children's toy boxes, clothing boxes, milk boxes, greeting cards, etc. The whole machine adopts programmable controller, human-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, centralized control, and completes automatic paper feeding, paper feeding, window coating (or flat glue-coated paper) cutting, filming, and paper delivery for die-cut paper products. The function of other processes.

The main feature of the window sticking machine is: in production, the front and rear positions of the paper, glue and film can be adjusted without stopping the machine. The adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and quick, and it is also very easy and quick when changing products.

How to feed paper in window pasting machine? The paper products that need to be pasted after die-cutting and indentation are sorted out, and then placed on the paper feeding table slantingly. During the rolling process of the paper feed belt, the bottom paper product is pulled out and separated from the paper pile. As the paper feeding belt rolls, the paper products pass between the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller, and then enter the paper feeding device.

After the paper enters the paper conveying equipment through the paper feeding belt, it is pushed forward by the paper pusher on the chain, and is sent to the vacuum conveyor belt of the gluing equipment along the upper and lower guide rails and the guides of the left and right guide rails at a predetermined distance. Due to the changes in the specifications of processed paper products and the difference in window orientation, necessary adjustments to the paper product delivery orientation are required.

The paper feeding direction scheduling selects the direction of the paper feeding belt according to the shape of the processed paper product, loosens the tension wheel of the paper feeding belt, and moves the paper feeding belt to the required direction and fixes it. Loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the paper pressing roller on the roller frame, align the conveying wheel with the paper pressing roller, and then tighten the star handle.
Paper output orientation scheduling of paper products When the two paper push stop gauges on the paper output chain push the film-coated paper product at the same time, or when the two push paper stop gauges are required to be arranged in order, the screws on the sprocket can be loosened. Pull the sprocket in the empty chain sleeve to rotate idly on the drive shaft by hand, which can drive the push paper stop gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so that the stop gauge can be adjusted to the correct direction of the paper jam, and then the screw is locked.

Anhui Hongyonghua mechanical window patching machine is a very economical and practical product, suitable for customers with special-shaped window patching needs. Now, we hope to show and recommend this kind of equipment to more printing and packaging companies with such needs, and make more Many companies automatically and understand this equipment.

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