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Carton window pasting machine targeted to meet customer needs—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The carton window sticking machine adopts modular planning. Users can add multiple functions such as window sticking and film according to development needs. It can be said to be a right-hand man for carton packaging companies. Then, carton window sticking machines should be used in daily operations. What is it?

The transportation of paper products means that after the paper products enter the paper conveying device through the paper feeding belt, they are pushed forward by the paper push gauge on the chain, and along the upper and lower guide rails and the left and right guide rails, the paper is fed and glued at the adjusted distance. The vacuum conveyor belt of the device. Due to the changes in the specifications of the processed paper products and the position of the window, the conveying position of the paper products needs to be adjusted.
carton window sticking machine
If you want to adjust the conveying position of paper products, you need to push the paper products while using the paper push gauges on the two conveyor chains, or after the two paper push gauges are arranged neatly, you can loosen the screws on the sprocket and use Pull the sprocket in the empty chain sleeve to rotate idly on the drive shaft, which can drive the paper push gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so as to adjust the gauge to the proper position of the paper jam, and then tighten the screw.

The paper feed position adjustment is to select the position of the paper feed belt according to the shape of the processed paper product, loosen the tension wheel of the paper feed belt, and move the paper feed belt to the desired position and fix it. Loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the platen roller on the roller frame until the conveying wheel is aligned with the platen roller, and then tighten the star handle.

In the control technology of the automatic window patching machine, more computer technology and microelectronic technology are applied, and heat pipe and cold sealing technology are applied in the sealing. In addition, with the development of packaging technology from a single technology to a combination of processing and research, the field of packaging technology should be extended to the processing field, and packaging equipment combined with packaging processing should be developed. For example, the error of photoelectric positioning is much smaller than that of mechanical positioning, and the effect of microwave drying is much better than that of electric heating and so on. Although the application time of mechatronics technology in packaging machinery is still very short, its effect is obvious and its effect is huge. In the design of automatic window patching machine, efforts should be made to improve the automation Combine research and development with computers to realize mechatronics control.
carton window sticking machine
Through the research and development of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Co., Ltd., window patching machines continue to work hard to meet the needs of customers in a targeted manner. As a leader in the international market of this industry, we provide customers with equipment with a high degree of operational stability to ensure Improve product quality, production efficiency and profit.

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