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How much is the automatic window sticker? Window Sticker Manufacturer—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Facing the huge consumption potential of the color box printing market, carton printing companies realize that they must strengthen their own automated production level, especially the automation level of post-press processing, in order to increase the added value of their products and realize the added value of printing. Therefore, they choose appropriate finishing equipment. Especially critical.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. has seen this and has successfully launched color box post-printing processing equipment such as automatic window patching machines in the domestic market, which has won the favor of some well-known customers. Anqing Yonghua Machinery's color box post-press processing equipment not only brings new profit growth points for customers, but also accumulates a good reputation for itself.
The main feature of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Automatic Window Patching Machine is that the front and rear positions of paper, glue and film can be adjusted without stopping the machine during production. The adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and fast, and it is very simple and convenient to change the product. The main structure of the window sticking machine is composed of paper feeding part; positioning position; glue printing position; film sticking position; paper receiving position is composed of five parts. The frame adopts a full steel plate structure, which is durable.

The automatic window sticking machine can replace a large amount of manual work, and complete the window sticking work of the carton at one time, and is equipped with an environmentally friendly adhesive. The unique structure design can accurately control the coating amount of the adhesive, avoid leakage, and fully guarantee the yield. More importantly, the device can guarantee extremely high pasting accuracy (left and right error is 0.5 mm, up and down error is 1 mm).

Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window sticking machine adopts international advanced technology to produce, and can only leave the factory after layer-by-layer inspection. We have passed the following checks:

1. Clarify the specifications from the purchase of raw materials and designate qualified suppliers so that each batch of raw materials can pass the inspection before entering the warehouse.
2. To stipulate the processing specifications of the machined parts of the automatic window pasting machine, and to check the consistency of the machined parts.

3. The assembly of equipment is streamlined, and different people are used to process different parts of the machine, and machine failures and errors can be traced back to individuals.

4. After assembly, a special person is required to handle the inspection of the whole machine, and the reward and punishment system should be clarified to increase the sense of responsibility of the inspectors. Window patching machine manufacturers

5. Skilled assemblers also play an important role.

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