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YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine technical parameters—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The paper box window pasting machine is used for fast pasting windows of various window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, window-opening corrugated boxes, etc. It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, adding glue, and convenient cleaning operation. Compared with labor, the efficiency is greatly improved, the overall structure of the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and the price is reasonable. It is easy to process various specifications of carton box film. When changing the carton or film specifications, the equipment adjustment is simpler and the work efficiency is higher.

Working principle: Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine adopts a flat belt paper pulling mechanism, and paper can be refilled without stopping the machine. Then adjust the pin to make the positioning accurate, and then apply glue by the runner to ensure uniform glue application. At this time, the suction roller sucks a certain length of film and presses it onto the paper, and finally presses and outputs it by the pressure roller, and the equipment can be adjusted without shutting down, which greatly saves time.
The main technical parameters

Working speed: 3000-10000 pcs/hour

Adapt to paper specifications: 150*150mm-650*650mm

Film thickness: 0.05-0.25mm

Machine weight: 2000kg

Dimensions: 5.5*1.2*1.6m

Voltage: 7.5kw

Adapt to paper grammage: 200-600g cardboard box corrugated paper

Window film size: 55mm*40mm-350mm*350mm

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic window sticking machine adopts active mode, which effectively reduces the working stroke of the machine, makes the machine work stably at high speed, has good product quality, high authenticity rate, convenient debugging, and strong adaptability. It is especially suitable for various high Ideal equipment for precision paper box and carton 90 degree window sticking machine. High precision, high volatility, and simple operation are the advantages of obtaining the market. The frame of the automatic window sticking machine adopts Shougang 30mm steel plate, which is processed by CNC machine tools after heat treatment. When the machine is running, it fluctuates greatly. Compared with ordinary machines, it is more sturdy and not easy to fall.
The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used to paste the window on the carton, and glue and paste the film on the open carton, such as milk cartons, cardboard underwear boxes, toy boxes, high-end cosmetics boxes, etc.

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