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Basic parameters and working principle of automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine YH650—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine YH650 is a window sticking machine produced by Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery, whose function is to automatically cut the length of transparent materials (PVC/PET/OPP/PE). Roll it into a roll and stick it on the window of the color box, so that customers can see the products inside without opening the package.

The automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine YH650 has the advantages of high productivity, stable function, quick and convenient adjustment and operation, compact structure, and small footprint. The machine must have high flexibility and flexibility, and the production line promises that the size of the packaging can be changed within a certain scale. Since the production cycle of commodities is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, changing commodities and packaging will not replace expensive packaging production lines.
The working principle of the automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine YH650

The YH650 automatic corrugated line-cutting and corner-cutting window pasting machine adopts a flat belt paper pulling mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping the machine. Then adjust the pin to make the positioning accurate, and then apply glue from the runner to ensure uniform glue application. At this time, the suction roller sucks up a certain length of film, presses it onto the paper, and finally presses it out by the pressure roller, and the equipment can be adjusted without shutting down, which greatly saves time.

Technical parameters of YH650 automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine

Specification: YH650

Maximum paper feeding specification mm: 650×700

Minimum paper feeding specification mm: 150×150

Maximum window size (LxM/mm): 350×350

Minimum window size (LxM/mm): 50×50

Plastic film thickness: 0.04-0.25mm

Mechanical speed: 13000 sheets/hour

Mechanical size (L×W×H/mm): 5200×1300×1600

Total power: 6.5 kw

Total weight (approximately): 2200KG

Features of YH650 Automatic Corrugated Aligning and Cutting Angle Window Patching Machine:

1. Do not pick the product, the paper varies from thin to thick, from small to large.

2. It can perfectly cut the film thickness of 0.04mm-0.25mm,

3. Convenient adjustment, without stopping the machine, you can adjust the front, back, left, and right of the film and glue.

4. Single-roll gluing, uniform gluing and beautiful appearance.

5. Industrial computer control makes machine operation easier.

6. Production speed: 13,000 sheets/hour.

7. This machine is suitable for corrugated color boxes and gift boxes.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Automatic Corrugated Line Cutting Angle Window Sticker YH650 is a very economical and practical product, suitable for customers who need to paste special-shaped windows. Now, we hope to show and Recommend this kind of equipment, let more enterprises understand this kind of equipment.

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