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What are the main features of the automatic film sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window packaging design is mostly used for packaging food, cosmetics, toy boxes, etc., to allow consumers to better understand the true appearance of the product. Window packaging refers to opening the window in the packaging part and sealing it with cellophane or transparent film, so that the best part of the product can be displayed. This design form can enhance the true transparency of the product, allowing consumers to see the product at a glance, truly understand the product itself, and also reflects confidence in the product itself.

What are the characteristics of window packaging?

1. The window design on the packaging box is to set a small window on the packaging layout, which is closed with a transparent packaging material (usually PVC) to expose the best part of the product.

2. Let the product look at its parts to know its full picture, and view its parts to imagine the whole picture. The window can be large or small, and the window can be large or small, which can arouse the curiosity of consumers. In addition to being beautiful, it also increases invisibly The number of commodities in consumer psychology.

3. The design of window opening takes into consideration printing and environmental protection. On the basis of saving consumables, it reflects the brand temperament and conforms to the modern aesthetic concept.

4. The design of window packaging can form a visual impact from the combination of colors and styles, so that the goods on the shelf are no longer ordinary.
automatic film sticking machine
Window packaging and post-press processing equipment-automatic film sticking machine maintains a competitive advantage in the packaging industry. Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery has focused on the packaging machinery and equipment industry for many years and has rich experience in one field. It has launched the automatic high-speed window patching machine YH1080, the automatic corrugated line cutting corner window patching machine YH650, the line hot stamping window patching machine, etc. Various types of window-opening packaging design post-press processing equipment have been unanimously recognized by the industry and have gained a very good reputation.

The automatic window sticking machine of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is flexible in operation and convenient to use. It can automatically stick carton windows, especially suitable for high-precision carton 90-degree window sticking!

The main features of the automatic film sticking machine:

1. The circuit is controlled by PLC and computer program, and the coefficients can be quickly operated on the man-machine interface (touch screen), which is easy to use.
automatic film sticking machine
2. During production, the front and rear positions of the paper and the thickness positions of the front, rear, left, and right glues can be adjusted conveniently and quickly without stopping the machine. It is very simple to change the product. A product manual can be debugged in 15 minutes, a domestic initiative.

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