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YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine is one of our company's best-selling models—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window-opening carton generally refers to opening a window of a specific shape on the front of the package gift box, which can directly display the products in the package, or use transparent plastic or cellophane as a protective film.

This structure is widely used in the packaging of shirts, toys, and food, and is intuitive, convenient and close to consumers. The window sticking machine uses an automated and intelligent production mode, which greatly replaces the manual operation of the window box. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine automatically prints glue and plastic film on the die-cut window carton at the opening. Breaking the traditional pure processing and technical application mode of printing companies in the past, as well as a number of technologies applied in anti-counterfeiting functions, focusing on the extension of packaging products and services, so as to meet customer requirements for various packaging products.
YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine is one of the best-selling models of our company. The paper feeding and film feeding of this machine are controlled by servo motors respectively, and the stepping motor of the rear conveyor belt is independently driven. The stacking distance of the paper can be adjusted, and it has batch size. Counting function. The machine vacuum-adsorbs the belt during the entire paper conveying process, automatically lifts the empty glue part, cuts the printed film with labels, and adds a carton film cutting device. The machine runs stably at high speed and is easy to adjust. Without stopping the machine, adjust the length and left and right positions of the film (film). This machine is controlled by a programmable controller PLC computer, with high precision, maintenance-free, and abnormal operation protection. Suitable for partial gluing and pasting of cardboard and corrugated paper, suitable for polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester and other films.

What are the functions of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic high-speed window sticking machine?

1. The window design on the packaging box is to set a small window on the packaging layout, which is closed with a transparent packaging material (usually PVC) to expose the best part of the product.

2. Let the product understand the whole picture by looking at its parts. If you want to know the whole picture by looking at its parts, the window can be large or small, which can arouse consumers' curiosity. In addition to being beautiful, it virtually increases the number of products in consumer psychology.
3. The design of window opening takes into consideration printing and environmental protection. On the basis of saving consumables, it reflects the brand temperament and conforms to the modern aesthetic concept. Automatic aligning and cutting corner window sticking machine

4. The design of window packaging can form a visual impact from the combination of colors and styles, so that the goods on the shelf are no longer ordinary.

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