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What is the core advantage of the YH650 automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window sticking machine is mainly used for the sticking of window-opening cartons and is used by many packaging industries. The main feature of the window sticking machine is accurate positioning, stability and reliability. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH650 automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting window sticking machine is currently the most advanced window sticking machine in China. The perfect humanized design concept makes the machine have the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high stability, easy operation, etc. This machine is suitable for cardboard boxes and corrugated paper. Adopt the bottom-pumping method of non-stop paper feeding, separate the paper piles separately, push to the designated position, print glue through the flexographic module, cut the diaphragm stably and accurately, and cut with a horizontal knife.

What is the core advantage of YH650G automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting window sticking machine?

Reasonable design of the glue application department. It is composed of a coating roller, a glue spreading guide, a side limit and a glue spreading template roller; the glued part is easy to pull out, easy to set and clean, and easy to use; adjustable glue spreading guide to control the scope and quantity of glue; shutdown At the time, the cylinder lifts the glue roller and drives it with another independent motor to avoid glue leakage; in addition, a glue preparation table is also provided, which can prepare glue templates outside the machine, which saves time and is convenient.
Easy-to-operate crimping and corner cutting parts. The crimping part adopts independently heated rice noodle wheel crimping; the independent oil heating roller can make the curved film flat; the high-precision servo angle cutting system can make the film smoother; the independent fine-tuning system can make the operation easier and faster.

Design a unique feeder and paper feeding system. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is equipped with a professional lower belt feeder and paper feeding mechanism, and two different lifting systems can be selected, which are the stacker lifting system and the belt lifting system for cooperative operation. Stacker lifting system; its characteristic is that the belt can run continuously, and the cartons are transported by the stacker that can move up and down. This stacker can not only transport different cartons flexibly, but also has a scratch-resistant function.

The belt lifting system has a higher speed and increased productivity; the designed feeder paper feeding mechanism is the latest paper feeding technology, and the timing belt feeder is equipped with an automatic air suction system. There are four conveyor chains in the chain adjustment part. The flight part is equipped with a conveyor door with a unique design. The upper rail can be adjusted arbitrarily without any external tools. The upper rail is made of 5 mm thick flat steel, and the middle of the frame is lifted and linked. The structure is firm, which can ensure the accurate alignment between the guide rail and the card box chain. Even after a serious paper jam, the guide rail can be accurately set, and the height can be adjusted by fine-tuning.
Efficient window pasting department. The product is transferred from the glued part to the windowed part through the suction cup. The suction table operates independently and adopts electric eye detection; when there is empty tension, the suction table will drop in real time to effectively prevent the belt from sticking; the suction typhoon can be adjusted according to the size of the product; suction tube Made of special materials, light and smooth, can increase the speed and avoid scratches on the surface of the plastic film; through the rolling of the knife barrel, the knife barrel is staggered with another fixed knife bar, so that the plastic film is cut by scissors, and the incision is smoother; independent The knife barrel design, combined with an adjustable blowing/suction system, ensures that the plastic film can be accurately and smoothly attached to the window board. YH650G Fully Automatic Aligning and Cutting Angle Window Patching Machine

The delivery department with stable quality. The conveyor belt is designed to be wide and adjustable in height, and the finished products are stacked neatly; the speed of the belt can also be adjusted to synchronize with the speed of the machine.

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