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Practical knowledge for using window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery


Open the window of the carton and stick a transparent PVC film to facilitate the perspective of the goods. Let the product be displayed in front of us intuitively, facilitate customer observation, increase the credibility of the product, and combine the design with the product characteristics to make the design more novel and creative. The design of windows must follow two principles: 1. The size of the window must be exquisite; if it is too large, it will affect the firmness of the box; if it is too small, you will not be able to see the full picture of the product. 2. The shape of the window should be beautiful. If the cutting line is too complicated, the picture will appear trivial.

full-automatic crimping corner-cutting pasting machine
Window filming cartons are widely used, and window pasting machines are also favored by various manufacturers. Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise specializing in providing post-press packaging equipment for post-press packaging companies. Mainly produce high-speed full-automatic window pasting machine, common line-cutting corner pasting machine, full-automatic crimping corner-cutting pasting machine, etc. The company has sophisticated production equipment, strong technical force, strong technology development, production management, sales and service institutions, and the latest scientific and technological innovations to allow enterprises to stand in the market and participate in market competition, so that they can enjoy a high reputation in the market.

Window pasting machines are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. The window-decorated carton can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. This machine can finish glueing and sticking film at one time, speeding up the production speed.

Let's talk about how to determine the safety of the window sticking machine;

1. Before restarting the automatic window sticking machine, carefully check the moving parts (rollers and shafts) of the machine, remove waste paper and sundries from these parts, and acknowledge the reliability of the fixed direction. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe place. Prevent unauthorized personnel from operating.

2. If the window paster stops suddenly for some reason, please press the "Emergency Stop" button to lock it automatically. Check the reason, and restart the machine after cleaning up.
full-automatic crimping corner-cutting pasting machine
3. When the window sticking machine is working, it is not allowed to touch paper products, cut objects, etc., and the automatic window sticking machine or clear channel blockages can be cleaned after the machine stops. After debugging, check that all the things or other objects on the machine have been taken away, and then slowly jog the machine for a week to avoid accidents.

4. All safety equipment must be complete and useful. Defective parts of Anhui Hongyonghua machinery should be repaired or replaced in time. Before starting the window patcher, check whether the handle, button and safety baffle are in the predetermined position. Note that other people around the automatic window patcher should be in a safe position.

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