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What should I pay attention to during the operation of the carton window pasting machine in order to produce more efficiently—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Visual design refers to the transparent packaging box that consumers like. The transparent packaging box provides consumers with a great sense of security and its reliability has been greatly improved. Packaging transparency will become a highlight of the flexible packaging market. By printing or adjusting the composite structure, the flexible package can be made into a transparent package or a transparent package with a window. So how is the transparent packaging box with window made?

The window sticking machine plays an important role in the window sticking of the packaging box. The window sticking machine is mainly used for the window sticking of the packaging box. It consists of several steps such as film sticking, paper pulling, gluing, film cutting, and bonding. It is suitable for the filming of packaging paper products with windows such as mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin boxes, children's toy boxes, clothing boxes, milk boxes, greeting cards, etc., using the whole machine programmable controller, man-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, and centralized control. In order to complete the functions of automatic paper feeding, window coating, film cutting, film sticking, paper splicing, etc., the die-cut paper products can be completed.
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It also has the function of sticking film on double-sided and three-sided windows (the film can be pre-cut and indented to avoid wrinkling when folding the box), the paper feeding part is controlled by the servo system, precise inching, high-speed paper feeding, high-speed and stable working state , The operation accuracy is higher. Automatic paper drawing, positioning, gluing, film cutting (film), bonding, fast speed, no glue overflow, no scratches on the film (film). The mechanical design is reasonable, the conditioning is easy and sensitive, and the length of the film (film), front and rear, and left and right positions can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

What should be paid attention to during the operation of the carton window pasting machine, so that it can produce more efficiently?

1. Before starting up, check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment are loose, wipe all parts of the machine with diluted water, re-adjust the glue, and it is forbidden to store any sundries on the workbench.

2. Turn off the main power switch, and check whether the main engine starts and stops, the glue starts and stops, the winding starts and stops, the drying tunnel heating, the ventilation power supply electrical switch, and the indicator pointer is flexible, reliable, sensitive and correct. After powering on, observe whether the equipment is operating normally, and whether there is any abnormal sound or burning smell.

3. When the machine is started, it is necessary to master the speed adjustment of the drum, the temperature control of the drum and the temperature control of the drying channel. Strictly control the speed and temperature of the equipment.

3. After the equipment is turned on, it should be idle for 3-5 minutes, test a few films, and then mass-produce untested films after checking that they meet the requirements. Formal production is not allowed.
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4. Consciously do the "first three inspections" to check the work quality of the self-inspection workpieces, and you can't stick the film to the end in one self-inspection. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

5. When operating, keep your hands 30 cm away from the drum and cannot enter dangerous places. It is strictly forbidden to operate, speak, or lose concentration.

6. After the work is completed, if there is a failure or an abnormal situation, the machine must be shut down first, repaired and put on the maintenance card. It is strictly forbidden to perform maintenance during operation; cut off the power switch and clean the work site. The materials are stored in an orderly manner, with channels reserved.

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