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What are the advantages of window sticking machine in the packaging field—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window sticking machine is to stick a layer of film on the opening of the open carton without pasting boxes. It adopts a patented suction belt paper feeding mechanism, which makes the paper smooth and reliable; the chain pushes and grabs positioning and turning; automatic glue application; the length can be Automatic adjustment, used for film feeding, film cutting, film sticking, etc. The whole machine includes five parts: paper feeding part, positioning part, printing rubber part, filming part and paper delivery part. During the production process, the front and back positions of the paper, the left and right positions of the glue, and the left and right positions of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine. The adjustment of the first three positions is very convenient and quick, and the product replacement is very simple, convenient and quick.
window sticking machine
The automatic window sticking machine has high productivity, high degree of automation, single function and multifunctional combined production line, multi-station new technology window sticking machine, etc. In the control technology, computer technology and microelectronic technology of the window patcher, heat pipe and cold sealing technology are most used. In addition, with the development of automatic window sticking machines, the packaging technology field should be expanded to the packaging field, and packaging integrated packaging equipment should be developed.

What are the advantages of window patching machines in the packaging field?

1. Fast speed and high production efficiency. Nowadays, as the market structure changes, as a supplier of window sticking machines, we must first meet customer needs. Especially in the packaging industry with short operating cycles and high equipment requirements, we must use equipment that can improve work efficiency.

2. Fully automated production. At present, with the increase in production costs, the use of high-speed window patching machines can effectively reduce costs, and has a high quality assurance, while improving production efficiency.
3. Multifunctional and high mobility. In the current production, the development trend of window sticking machines is becoming more and more intense, and it is inevitable to realize one machine with multiple uses in the future.

4. It is capable of small batch production. Many window sticking machines and equipment are produced in large batches, which is very uneconomical for small batch production of packaging products. If the manufacturer makes a slight improvement in this area, it can be promoted and applied. Fast equipment for crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine.

In the future, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery will provide customers with a complete set of post-press solutions, which can meet customer procurement needs in one-stop, give customers greater convenience and choice, and reduce user procurement costs.

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