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How to realize energy saving for window patching machine

1. Reduce downtime and scrap rate

The abnormal shutdown time of the window patching machine production line causes a large amount of waste products, which will cause a decrease in production power and increase production costs. According to the five elements of human, machine, material, law, and environment, find out the primary reason that causes the window patching machine to stop working, and then deal with them one by one.

Specifically, in order to reduce production costs, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable production schedule, and try to organize the production of cartons with the same quality level and different customer needs. In order to reduce production costs more effectively, it is necessary to consider factors such as carton size to reduce cardboard. In addition, the area of the cardboard should be calculated specifically to optimize the processing area of the cardboard and reduce unnecessary material waste. When the window patcher is scheduled, it is required to put the same paper and the same width of the base paper together, and the width is changed from wide to narrow to reduce the number of paper changes and page changes.
To reduce the downtime rate, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection and maintenance of the window patcher equipment, give full play to the functions of the equipment, and increase production power is an effective way to reduce production costs in disguise. Maintenance is carried out by operators and supervised by equipment and management personnel. , Especially the bearings of the mechanical equipment are smooth to ensure the excellent work of the equipment, the secondary protection is completed by the equipment protection personnel, and the operators are assisted.

According to the problems raised by the operation of the window patching machine equipment, a detailed maintenance plan is formulated and implemented. At the same time, the daily maintenance of the equipment is very important. It is also a method with low investment cost but good effect. On the one hand, it can prolong the service life of the machine and guarantee Normal and stable work also saves manpower and material resources. This is also the place to reduce the cost of window patching machines. It is also necessary to pay attention to the reasonable inventory of equipment, which not only reduces the financial pressure, but also ensures timely repair and production.

In production, the primary factor that determines the production capacity of the tile line is the "average speed". At present, many carton equipment production companies have chosen new control techniques to optimize power distribution and application on ceramic tile production lines. Compared with the same type of tile sticking line, the high-speed window sticking machine production line can easily meet the same capacity requirements without frequent speed changes in production, which can save 20% of power consumption and greatly reduce the scrap rate in production.

2. Renovate skills and apply new skills

The energy and material consumption in production are greatly reduced, and the temperature work of the window patcher ensures the consistent quality of the output cardboard. Not only that, the cost of protection together is extremely low, which improves equipment investment reporting. The combination of intelligent and humanized planning such as control panels and man-machine interfaces makes the operation of the window patcher more intuitive and simple, effectively reducing protection costs and labor costs .
Using the production management system of the window patching machine production line to control production costs, the production power of the window patching machine can be accurately calculated, and the speed of the entire production line can be completed while effectively reducing waste. Choosing to automatically feed and take paper will greatly reduce the waste of raw paper and increase the speed and output power.

If cost is taken into consideration, at least an active paper feeder should be installed before plywood production, and attention should be paid to the choice of production management system. Since the company manages many products, how to choose is not just a price comparison, but how to accurately save materials The purpose, especially the accuracy of the paper change.

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