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There are some common quality problems in the technology of automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

As a post-printing packaging equipment widely used in the market, window sticking machine is commonly used in toy boxes, clothing boxes, wine boxes, tissue boxes, etc. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery automatic window sticking machine has high production efficiency, stable functions, and adjustments. The operation is quick and convenient, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small. The machine must have high flexibility and flexibility. The production line promises that the size of the packaging can be changed within a certain scale. Because the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the service life of the equipment, replacing the product and packaging will not replace the expensive packaging production line .

However, in the actual processing and production process, there are some common quality problems in window patching technology, such as:
automatic window sticking machine
1. The product exhibits a warped corner phenomenon. The main reason for this situation is that there are too many papers attached, which causes the glue on the edge of the cardboard to dry out and fail to stick.

2. The humidity of the cardboard is too high, especially the flat stickers of the gold card, mainly due to the poor water absorption and loss ability of the gold card paper, while the ordinary flat glue itself has high water content. Therefore, it is usually through dry glue or exposing the goods to Deal with the sun.

3. The cardboard pasted to the window will turn yellow if it is left for a long time in an environment with high air humidity. The main reason is that some manufacturers use water glass glue or starch glue that contains a lot of alkalinity. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the goods, we should choose better quality flat and corrugated rubber.

4. The layered scene of packaged goods is mainly caused by insufficient adhesive strength. It is recommended to select some products from standard manufacturers, which can not only ensure the strength, reduce the humidity, increase the hardness, but also improve the quality and level of the packaged goods. Automatic crimping and corner cutting window sticking machine
Through the research and development of Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., window sticking machines continue to work hard to meet customer needs in a targeted manner. As a leader in the international market in this industry, we provide customers with equipment with a high degree of operational stability, thereby ensuring product quality, production efficiency and profit.

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