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YH1080G automatic high-speed window sticking machine meets the various needs of customers at a higher level—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

YH650D, 1080G series of multifunctional window sticking machines are suitable for sticking windows of various cartons, with flat sticking and single and double indentation functions. Among them, YH1080G can also adopt dual channels. Based on the original window patching machine, the company's R&D team has continuously improved the design and combined with a more complete humanized design concept to make the modified machine have high efficiency, high precision, high stability, The operation is convenient and fast. The YH1080G system multifunctional window sticking machine, whether it is basic components or core automation accessories, incorporates the company's unique professional technology, which can meet the various needs of customers at a higher level.
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Machine features of YH1080G automatic high-speed window sticking machine:

The machine encoder is used to collect data, integrate the parameters according to the data, and parameterize the whole machine.

The paper feeding part adopts servo motor, which can start and stop timely and accurately.

The alignment position of the paper feeder only needs to adjust the parameters on the touch screen.

The chain pushes the paper, and the left and right support plates block the paper, and the paper position is accurate.

The front, back, left and right positions of the printing rubber part and the filming part can be easily adjusted when starting.

Point control, effectively handle blank and continuous paper.

The film feeding adopts a servo motor, and the film feeding length is accurate.

The length of the film can only be adjusted by changing the data on the touch screen.

Product parameters of YH1080G automatic high-speed window sticking machine:

Working speed: 3000-10000 pcs/h

Adapt to paper specifications: 150×150 mm——650×650mm

Film thickness: 0.05-0.25mm

Machine weight: 2000 kg

Dimensions: 5.5×1.2×1.6m

Voltage: 7.5 kw

Adapt to paper grammage: 200-600g cardboard and corrugated paper

Window film size: 55mm×40mm——350mm×350mm
window sticking machines
This machine has realized a new upgrade of intelligence and automation, and adopts a servo drive, which greatly improves the precision of window paste and production efficiency. The application of intelligent paper feeding mechanism has improved the user's productivity and reduced labor intensity. At present, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's automatic high-speed window patching machine YH1080G has reached a speed of 36,000 sheets per hour.

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