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Factors leading the development of the window patching machine market-Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The new carton window sticking machine is often a device that integrates machine, electricity and gas. It makes full use of the new functions of information commodities and chooses separate transmission technologies such as pneumatic actuators and servo motor drives, which can greatly shorten the transmission chain of the whole machine and greatly simplify it. The improved structure greatly improves the accuracy and speed of the operation. One of the key technologies is the synchronous control technology of multi-motor drive.

Factors leading the development of window patching machine market

1. (1) The development trend of packaging machinery is modular structure, multi-row high speed, high stability, simple transmission mechanism, and adaptive closed-loop control. (2) Metal packaging container processing equipment. my country's metal packaging container processing machinery manufacturing industry has begun to take shape. The development trend of this type of product is to improve product performance, yield and material utilization.
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2. Speed up the improvement of product technology and develop mercury-free welding and high-performance high-frequency welding power sources.

3. Carton production equipment. In recent years, my country’s window pasting machine carton machinery industry has developed rapidly. The product category has developed from carton and cardboard lines to printing and slotting machines, cardboard gluing machines, corner cutting machines and other varieties. The future development direction is high-speed Complete sets of equipment, followed by complete sets of medium and light carton equipment.

The window sticking machine is easy to operate, but you should not be lazy because it is simple in normal use. You should always check the machine and maintain and protect the window sticking machine regularly to increase the service life of the machine.

1. When using the window sticking machine, check whether the functions of the machine are normal, and ensure the safety of the machine before using it;

2. When the window sticker is running, no unrelated personnel are allowed to operate on the machine, so as not to interrupt the normal operation of the machine, encounter problems, stop the machine for inspection, and sort out the blockage;
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3. After debugging the window patcher, check whether all the tools or other objects in the window patcher have been taken out, and then move the window patcher slowly for a week to avoid accidents; Anqing Yonghua Machinery

4. Develop a good habit of checking safety equipment regularly, replacing vulnerable parts regularly to ensure that the machine is replaced in time.

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