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What are the reasons for buying Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window patching machine?

With the demands of market development, color box packaging is a relatively complex category in the printing and packaging industry. Due to differences in design, structure, shape, and craftsmanship, many things often do not have standardized craftsmanship. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery has developed a quick-change manual window sticking machine, which has high work efficiency and is easy to use. It is suitable for products of different specifications, with high safety performance and good window-sticking effect.
The whole machine is controlled by a computer program and operated by an error correction system, displayed in Chinese, easy to understand and operate! The machine adopts high-precision mechanical and pneumatic positioning, suitable for cartons, cartons, cardboard, corrugated cartons, etc., and products of various thicknesses. Highly difficult products that cannot be produced by hand, etc. Here, quick glue application can be realized, with good bonding quality and high production efficiency.

Reasons for buying Anhui Hongyonghua automatic window patching machine:

1. Improved work efficiency. A machine is more efficient than 6-10 manual window stickers.

2. Product quality improvement: The computer program control method is fixed, which is more uniform than manual gluing, and the unqualified rate is greatly reduced.

3. The speed is fast, the speed of each machine can reach 18,000 per hour.

4. It is widely applicable to cardboards of various thicknesses.

5. Low working environment requirements, small footprint, AC220V voltage, industrial power supply, and civil power supply can be used.
window sticking machine
6. The working speed of the machine can be controlled, it is easy for beginners to learn, and the processing speed can be gradual, allowing beginners to become proficient in a short time.

7. The product has a long service life, and the cycle time can reach more than ten million times.

The main function of the automatic window sticking machine of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is: two high-hardness tube rollers are used to transport glue. The tube rollers are supported by an eccentric device and the thickness of the glue can be adjusted; flexible template printing glue is selected, and the shape of the template can be adjusted according to product requirements Adjustment; the diaphragm part adopts stepless speed regulation equipment, the length of the diaphragm can be adjusted without stopping the machine by the crimping angle cutter; the roller cutter is selected to actively cut the film length; the zigzag line of the film is actively pressed; the opening of the film is actively cut (such as Paper towel box); select the suction roller to suck the film onto the carton. Without stopping the machine, adjust the front, back, left and right positions of the film.

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