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The development direction of automatic window sticking machine-Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window pasting machine is a common modern production machine, widely used in the manufacture of food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, etc., you can see the appearance of the product without opening the carton. This machine greatly accelerates the production efficiency and can complete the glue at one time. And film, fast and convenient.

Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an international enterprise specializing in providing post-press packaging equipment for post-press packaging companies. Mainly produce high-speed automatic window sticking machine, aligning hot stamping window sticking machine, pressing line cutting corner window sticking machine, etc.
Window pasting machine
Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery has broken the traditional pure processing and technical application mode of printing enterprises in the past, and introduced a number of automatic high-speed packaging box anti-counterfeiting technologies for paper products, focusing on the extension of packaging products and services to meet the needs of customers for all types of packaging. Require.

The models of the automatic window sticking machine are divided into: belt feeding, paper positioning, gluing, film sticking, and finished product conveying.

This machine is suitable for window filming of color boxes and color boxes.

Single and double sheet control system, suitable for different sizes of paper.

The strong synchronous belt drive mode reduces the gap error of the transmission part, improves the bonding accuracy of the box blank and the film, and is easy to maintain.

Using a local glue coating system, you only need to apply glue where needed, which can greatly save the amount of glue applied.

The adopted design shortens the adjustment time to a very short time, and the humanized design makes the operation more convenient and simple.

The development direction of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Automatic Window Patching Machine

1. Multi-function and mobility. From the perspective of global market share, linear boxes account for 60%, lock-bottom boxes account for 30%, hexagonal boxes, octagonal boxes, and special-shaped boxes account for 10%. The share of linear boxes is decreasing. The share of boxes is gradually increasing. At present, standard linear boxes are widely used in the Chinese packaging market.

With the slowdown of economic globalization and the reduction of market competition, consumers and packaging users are increasingly asking for packaging boxes. In order to increase the added value of products, the box-type planning of packaging boxes has become increasingly diversified.
Window pasting machine
2. As a fast, high-capacity color box post-printing equipment supplier, whether it can provide immediate production and immediate supply has become a prerequisite for customers to choose or not. Punctual delivery and supply of enough cartons in a short time will help In order to obtain an order, the window patcher needs to be adjusted intricately, and the production speed is fast. Of course, stability is also indispensable, because the manufacturer needs to be ready for production at any time.

3. Adapt to the production of small-batch packaging boxes. Nowadays, short-run work is constantly increasing. Small-batch window stickers are mainly made by hand. Assuming that the automatic window patching machine can make a breakthrough in small-batch production in the future, it will be more conducive to automatic The promotion and application of window patching machines.

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