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How to improve the working efficiency of the window sticker—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

With the progress of the printing speed of the printing machine and the expansion of the market demand, the requirements for the speed, accuracy and stability of the post-press processing equipment are getting higher and higher. At present, the post-press equipment has made great achievements in terms of stability and reliability. Progress, stability and reliability are mainly reflected in the higher precision of post-press equipment, lower error rate, higher reliability, and less impact on the equipment from the external environment.

Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery has launched a high-speed automatic window sticking machine, a wire-aligning hot-stamping window sticking machine, a crimping and corner-cutting window sticking machine, etc. The perfect humanized design concept makes the machine highly efficient, high-precision, high-stability, easy-to-use The characteristics of operation have won unanimous praise from the industry, and the products enjoy a high reputation in China's printing and packaging industry.
high-speed automatic window sticking machine
The machine structure of Anhui Hongyonghua mechanical window sticking machine is relatively clear, mainly composed of five modules: paper feeding part, positioning part, gluing part, film part and paper output part. The frame of the window sticking machine adopts an all-steel plate structure, which is durable and is the first choice for new window sticking machines. The window sticking machine adopts imported accessories from Japan, which can quickly adjust the front and rear positions of the carton film without stopping the machine. Operating tool box and tools: 1 set of 3HP air compressor, 4 sets of plexiglass pads, 6 sets of 10m horizontal tube glue kettle, 1 set of laminating knife.

Improve the working efficiency of the window sticker

Problem: The body of the window sticking machine does not have a suitable position to place the paper neatly and there is no electric motor paper shaking device, which causes the paper to run smoothly during production, and it is easy to collide with the machine and generate more waste.

Improvement description: Increase the stacking cardboard, which is convenient for employees to stack the paper neatly, move the paper smoothly, reduce the number of downtimes, and increase the production capacity.

Implementation effect: reduce the number of downtimes caused by improper paper feeding and collision with the machine, and increase the production capacity by 2 hours in two shifts after printing the same layer of leather 400-200 gift boxes.
high-speed automatic window sticking machine
Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's high-speed window sticking machine has high flexibility and flexibility, and is simple and user-friendly. In general, the embodiment of humanized design in post-press processing equipment can be summarized as beautiful appearance, simple operation, flexible and convenient use, environmental protection and safety. Higher production efficiency, speed determines efficiency, and efficiency determines survival. The production efficiency level of equipment should not only consider the production speed, but also comprehensively consider factors such as equipment adjustment and auxiliary time, continuous, stable and reliable high-speed production performance and scrap rate.

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