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The basic conditions to ensure the long-term normal operation and production of the window sticking machine - Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery is a manufacturer of various carton carton equipment. The automatic window sticking machines produced by our company are of high quality and low price, and have good applications in many industries. Moreover, our company has innovatively designed the product at the beginning of production, and the overall use effect is good. At the same time, advanced quality inspection equipment is used for inspection, and the quality is also well guaranteed.

Full automation refers to the automation of the production and processing operations of mechanical devices and products. At present, our company's automatic window sticking machine is produced under the automatic control of computer programmable control, which can also be regarded as a model of industrial modernization. Automatic window stickers also have their own problems that need to be solved.
automatic window sticking machines
Keeping the inside and outside of the window sticking machine clean is the basic condition to ensure the long-term normal operation and production of the window sticking machine. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently and thoroughly remove foreign matter, dirt and deposits from the surface and internal parts of the window applicator, and to maintain the machine carefully and regularly:

1. Before the window sticking machine starts to work (shift or work interruption), check the main parts of the machine;

2. The window sticking machine should be cleaned at regular intervals, and all operating parts should be kept clean;

3. The electrical equipment should be kept clean to prevent oil, water and dust from entering, and pay attention to protect the wires from being crushed or broken;

4. Always check whether the moving parts work normally, whether the temperature rise of each rolling bearing and sliding bearing exceeds the specified value, whether the working temperature of each motor exceeds the specified value, and whether the elastic length of the transmission belt and conveyor belt is appropriate. If there is any abnormality, it must be stopped for maintenance;

5. When the window sticking machine is temporarily deactivated, the unpainted exposed surface of the machine needs to be protected against corrosion with lubricant. When it is needed, use a wrung gasoline cloth to remove oil stains;

6. Regularly check the fan and vacuum pump, clean the fan air filter in time if any abnormality is found, and check whether the connection of each interface is reliable.
It is our company's honor to serve customers. In the manufacturing process of the automatic window sticking machine provided by our company, there is a special person for quality control. Each batch of products is strictly checked, and the product quality is reliable. The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used for window paper. The pasting of the box consists of several steps such as pasting, drawing paper, gluing, cutting film, and bonding. Mainly sold to processing plants. It has a good reputation all over the country and abroad. Anhui Hongyonghua machinery and equipment manufacturers will also give back to our customers with better quality, more satisfactory service and more reasonable prices.

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