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Automatic window sticking machine mechanical operation instructions—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's automatic window sticking machine is mainly used for window carton sticking. It is the ideal and perfect equipment to replace manual filming! All kinds of window boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes and other packaging boxes that need to be pasted. Window corrugated boxes can be automatically completed on this machine. YH650 automatic window sticking machine adopts belt to draw paper, continuously add paper, and precisely align the pull pin. The whole machine adopts synchronous belt drive, which has low noise and small error.
The fully automatic window sticking machine can stick the windows in the carton in various cartons after die cutting. When the paper products are placed on the workbench, the machine can automatically separate and transport the paper products individually. When the paper products are conveyed to the gluing part, they are automatically glued by the glue roller and then conveyed to the gluing part, the rotating roller aligns the adsorbed and cut film to the glued window, gradually releases the film, and rolls it into a In the pasting process, the transmission adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation. The circuit is automatically controlled by PLC components, and the coefficients can be quickly operated on the man-machine interface (touch screen), and the finished products can be counted. The machine is compact in structure, convenient in operation, strong in adaptability and high in work efficiency, and is an ideal equipment for the processing of paper products for window sticking.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery's automatic corrugated paper crimping, corner-cutting and window-sticking machine is specialized in meeting the needs of corrugated box cutting. Angular solution.

Automatic window sticking machine mechanical operation instructions

1. First, confirm whether the winding direction of the film is correct

2. Adjust the pinch roller to the same position as the paper width

3. Make sure the width of the film is good

4. Adjust the gluing position

5. Adjust the height of the conveying rail and the host

6. Adjust the conveying guide rail according to the product size, which is 1-1.5 mm wider than the product to ensure the smooth passage of the items
automatic window sticking machine
7. Adjust the left and right photoelectric switches

8. Set the parameters required by the interface

9. After positioning, adjust the work object and detect the electric eye

10. Adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to 20, and use the product test to see if the item can pass smoothly

11. After passing the test successfully, use 4-5 products to test the adhesion on the machine, observe the accuracy, whether it is coherent, and whether the position of the film is correct

12. Start the operation, slowly increase the speed for continuous paper feeding, exit the interface and turn off the power after the operation is completed

Anhui Hongyonghua automatic corrugated paper crimping, corner cutting and pasting machine has the advantages of high flexibility, high production efficiency, stable performance, quick and convenient adjustment and operation, compact structure and small footprint.

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