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Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Window Machine Manufacturer Explains the Safety Operation Points of Window Machine

In recent years, with the continuous development of the packaging industry, in order to better display products to customers, there are more and more window-type carton packaging. Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery provides you with the fully automatic high-precision corner cutting, crimping, threading and pasting machine produced by our company. This machine is currently a domestic and foreign model with the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance and high precision.

This machine is suitable for corrugated box and cardboard. The machine adopts servo motor intermittent belt for bottom paper extraction, which cancels the traditional clutch control method. The printing glue department adopts two high-hardness tube rollers to drive glue, and the tube rollers are supported by slider devices. , the glue thickness can be adjusted quickly, the user can use the flexible template for printing glue, and the installation template is accurate, convenient and fast.
The left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted at will, and the front and rear positions can be adjusted by the phase adjuster. The front and rear, left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted without stopping the machine. During cleaning and maintenance, the rubber unit can be pulled out, which makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient. The base material of the film part can be adjusted in parallel with the pneumatic chamfering device, which can be adjusted forward and backward, left and right, and can be adjusted at will according to the specifications. The chamfered waste is collected in the waste basin. Indentation device, adjustable pressure, customers can adjust the weight of the indentation line according to the requirements. Servo film feed can adjust the length of the film without downtime. Cross-cutting form: the upper and lower knives move in a circular motion, and the unique film sticking mechanism is cut, and the film sticking accuracy can reach 0.5mm.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery Window Machine Manufacturer Explains the Safety Operation Points of Window Machine

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the handle, button and safety shield are in the predetermined position, and pay attention to other people around the machine should be in a safe position;

2. When the machine is running, do not touch the running paper products, cutting objects, etc., and only after the machine is stopped can the machine be cleaned or the blockages in the passages can be removed;

3. After the debugging of the machine, check whether all tools or other objects have been removed from the machine, and then slowly jog the machine for a week to avoid accidents;
4. All safety devices must be kept intact and effective, and faulty parts should be repaired or replaced in time;

5. If the machine suddenly stops for some reason, please press the "emergency stop" button to lock yourself. Check the cause and restart the running machine after troubleshooting.

6. Before restarting the machine, carefully check the running parts of the machine (rollers and shafts), remove waste paper and sundries from these parts, and confirm the reliability of their fixed positions. Please note that other people around the machine should be safe In the place, it is strictly prohibited to operate by unauthorized personnel.

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