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Automatic window sticking machine replaces manual window sticking with slow speed, low precision and high labor intensity - Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window sticking machine is a kind of printing and packaging equipment, which is mainly used in the field of carton manufacturing in the packaging industry. Its purpose is to paste the film on the transparent window of the packaging box with transparent window, such as gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, corrugated boxes, etc. According to the structure of the carton window, the film can be divided into two types: flat film and special-shaped film. The flat film is suitable for one side window of the carton, which can easily ensure the accuracy of the window pasting. On the other hand, the special-shaped film attached to the special-shaped carton has fold lines and gaps. When the carton is formed, the film is folded along the fold line with the carton, and the notch of the film corresponds to the edge of the carton window. There are see-through windows on two or more of the carton, so that consumers can directly observe the goods in the box from multiple angles, learn more about the internal goods, and increase the consumption experience. The appearance design of the packaging box is more flexible and diverse, beautiful and unique, giving consumers a sense of beauty.
Window sticking machine
Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery, located in Anqing City, Anhui Province, has attracted much attention for its continuous breakthrough, innovation and development in the post-press field. High-precision packaging carton window film requires high-precision window sticking equipment. In recent years, Anhui Hongyonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating novel and practical solutions for printing customers, optimizing workflow, saving manpower and improving efficiency. As a post-press equipment manufacturer, with the advent of the era of personalized customization, more and more customers have put forward personalized needs to us, and the support and attention of new and old users has always won a very good reputation. The automatic window sticking machine replaces manual window sticking with slow speed, low precision and high labor intensity, which meets the needs of the high-end packaging box production market.

Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery YH series automatic window sticking machine can help customers easily and conveniently realize the flexible window sticking processing of various cartons and cartons. The operating speed of the equipment can reach 3000-36000 sheets/hour, the maximum size of the film can reach 1080*800mm, and the minimum size is 150*150mm, helping customers to achieve personalized and high-end packaging box window processing.
Window sticking machine
The company's window sticking machine products can continuously add paper without stopping. The intermittent belt conveying is controlled by a microcomputer, and the photoelectric automatic tracking is easy to adjust. The front chain hook pushes the paper, and the left and right cardboard blocks the paper, and the paper position is accurate. In the gluing part, use a high hardness tube roller to rotate the thickness of the glue, use a flexible template to adjust the left and right and front and rear positions of the glue according to the shape of the product, no need to stop, the speed of the conveyor belt matches the speed of the main machine, and the speed can be adjusted independently, so that the The finished products are neatly stacked for easy finishing.

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