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  • Anhui Hongyonghua automatic crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine YH650D is a special purpose for the high-demand, high-quality color box corner window pasting needs. Adopt positioning type window paste, industrial computer and program algorithm. The machine integrates processes such as crimping, cutting corners, process holes, and protruding. It is widely used in digital product packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging and other fields to show the characteristics of the product.

  • The automatic corrugated crimping and corner cutting window pasting machine produced by Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery specializes in the needs of corrugated box crimping and corner cutting. The fastest speed of this machine can be up to 8000 sheets per hour for line-up color boxes, and it can be used as ordinary color boxes. Up to 18,000 sheets/hour. It is your tool for pasting windows! And our company can provide customers with more diversified crimping and corner cutting solutions.

  • The production speed is fast, up to 18000-20000 sheets/hour. The adjustment of the machine is simple, and the front, back, left and right positions of the glue and the front, back, left and right positions of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

  • Window Patching Machine Gluing Line is one kind of the corner window sticking machines produced by Anhui Hongyonghua. The function is to automatically cut the length of the transparent material (PVC/PET/OPP/PE, etc.) into a roll (also can cut the corner and press the line), and stick it to the window on the color box or color box, without opening the package Under the premise of allowing customers to see the products inside.

  • Double Line Paper Box Window Patching Machine is mainly for color box and small corrugated box, the size is within 650*650mm, and the speed can reach 13000 sheets/hour. Can be applied to: electronic products, digital products, cosmetics, food, accessories, toys, clothing, etc.The alignment function is mainly aimed at the alignment of corrugated boxes, and the accuracy requirement is within 2MM.

  • Double Line Window patching Machine has a maximum paper feed of 680*680mm, a minimum paper feed of 120*120mm, a maximum window of 350*350mm, and a minimum window of 40*40mm. The design of four-off printing machine for benchmarking. Paper from 180g-1000g cardboard, corrugated, gray board, etc.

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